Satan's Pet ~Part 12~

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I was quite surprise not to have seen Lucifer all night. I was getting suspicious of where that devil was hiding. When I mentioned his absence to Nathanael he didn't seem all to bothered about it.

After dinner with Mariah and Aidan I returned to my apartment and Nathanael...well I don't really know where he went, all he told me was that he'd see me in the morning.

Thankfully because Nathanael had been able to move my bed to the apartment it meant I wasn't going to have to sleep on the floor.

When I returned to the apartment I got a shower, when I came out wrapped in a towel though all the lights were off.

'I don't remember turning them off,' I thought. I started breathing heavily when I heard someone else in the room.

"W-w-who's there?" I whispered.

"Forgotten me already, sweet heart?" a familiar voice whispered behind me into my ear.

I let a breath out in frustration. "Lucifer, you jerk!" I yelled spinning around, but he wasn't there.

"That's not very nice," his voice came from behind me again.

I spun around, again he wasn't there. "Lucifer, stop it. Why are the lights off?" I started to walk towards the switch when a hand grabbed my arm.

"Because where is the fun of this if it wasn't in the dark?" he asked seductively.

"Lucifer, you're not funny. Let me go," I growled between gritted teeth.

He released my arm. I felt his lips on my neck and spun towards him, but he had moved again. I felt him kiss my neck again and tugging on my towel.

"Stop it!" I shouted.

Just then the lights came back on to reveal Lucifer standing calmly against the wall opposite from me.

"What's wrong, sweet heart? You look like you've seen a ghost, or better yet been messing around with the devil," he smirked.

'God, that was sexy.' I couldn't help but think. I quickly shook my head to clear that thought.

"What do you want?" I asked stubbornly.

I watched as he pushed himself off the wall and walked towards me, I took a step backwards. He was quickly in front and grabbed in around the waist pulling me closer to him. He bent down to my ears and whispered, "Happy birthday," then releasing one hand produced an beautiful red rose.

I smiled as I took the rose, feeling a jolt shot up my arm and throughout my whole body. "What's with the roses?" I asked. "This is the second one."

"A beautiful girl deserves beautiful roses," he shrugged.

I shook my head as I felt a sudden tiredness come over me. My eyelids started to slowly drop. I could Lucifer lean towards me his lips aiming for mine.

I felt too tired to stop him, or really a part of me wanted to kiss him again, wanted more than a kiss from him. It wanted to be with him, connected.

This kiss was softer, sweeter, gentle. Our lips synchronized with each other, deepening the kiss.

My arms went around his neck as his came around my waist pulling me to him. His tongue opening my mouth, slipping his across mine. Our tongues were soon at war with each other.

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