Maya's Nirvana

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The sun shone its rays upon the east village on Black Mountain Island; not a breath of wind or a cloud was in sight. Car doors could be heard slamming shut as a dark skinned girl ran to the front door of her home.

"Mummy!" she whined as she jumped up and down. "I need to go to the toilet," she pleaded.

Her mother smiled. She rubbed her hand over her daughter's braided hair before searching for the keys to her front door, she bit her bottom lip noticing the key was not in her bag. While her daughter crossed her legs and jumped up and down she searched for the spare key on the ledge above the door. She sighed as it wasn't there, but then she remembered that it was under the pot plant to her right and smirked. She lifted it to find the key and opened the door. The girl whizzed past her, straight up the stairs to the bathroom. While her daughter was upstairs she went back to the car to collect her groceries and her phone rang. She tried with one hand to get it out of her bag and ended up dropping her toilet rolls on the pavement. She sighed while picking them up, then swiped her phone screen as she noticed a missed call from her husband.

A message then appeared on her screen asking where she was. She walked back into the house carrying her shopping, and cursed as she almost fell over their tabby cat.

"Stella!" she shouted as the cat hissed at her before running off into the lounge.

After putting her bags down on the granite kitchen counter top she turned to her radio.

"Where is it?" she asked out loud as she laughed. Her husband had plugged it in on the other side of the kitchen for some reason.

She switched the power on and began unpacking her groceries. She paused as she heard about a woman escaping custody from the police station, deemed dangerous and unstable. What is this world coming to? she thought, as her daughter came running down the stairs.

"Mummy," she giggled peeping at her mother from the staircase. "Can I ride my bike please?" she politely asked as she batted her little eyelashes.

Her mum laughed as she saw herself in her six-year-old daughter.

"Not for long Nirvana," she explained as she looked at the time. "It's three o'clock now, so at four you will need to come in, have a bath, and get ready for dinner."

Her daughter was already half way out of the back door. As Nirvana rode her bike in the backyard she poured herself a glass of Merlot from the bottle that was already waiting on the table. She took a big gulp before slumping down into one of the chairs. She pulled out a new recipe book and flipped through the pages as she stretched out her legs.

She contemplated making Beef Wellington. The fact that it was always a challenge for her to get the beef fillet just right did slightly put her off though, but she was an optimist.

"We will try tomorrow," she spoke to herself as she got up. "Damn it!" she moaned as she spilled some Merlot on her white jeans.

She kicked off her heels and took her jeans off. She stood in her underwear while soaking the stain in her sink. Her daughter returned and laughed at her silly mother.

"Do I still have time mummy?" she asked as her mother looked at the clock.

"Fifteen minutes," she said, "and stay away from the garden gate," she warned her daughter. "Mummy where did your jeans go?" she asked mischievously.

Her mum grinned as Nirvana waved goodbye to her and ran back outside. She blotted the stain with soda water and then decided to leave it in the sink for a while.

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