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Justice's p.o.v

i was on the couch while sam was under the sink washing his mouth from my kiss . he's been under that shit for 30 minutes straight .

me: my kisses are amazing bitch so get your ugly ass head from under my sink .

soon later he came into sight .

sam: bitch your kisses are like two dirty ass plates against mine ....you owe me $700 just for not bitch slapping your ass .

me:7 what? 0.o

sam: cough uo my. money hoe or imma tell your sexy ass brother jaden on your ass .

me: like I'm scared i aint scared of his monkey looking ass .....

sam: okay sure your not ..but you better cough up my money . you kissed lips that are gold , a french boy was supposed to French kiss these lips because he's french and your ass ain't french so you don't french kiss me like that , shit you aint french so pay me my $700 in french money .

me: nigga you can't say thay i ain't paying you shit .....

sam: or really bitch imma fight your ass like a man if i haveto ....*gets up* PUT THEM UP PUT THEM HANDS UP .

i giggled and stud up .

me: BITCH .YOU.AIN'T.ABOUT.THAY.LIFE* calps with every word*

sam: HOE.SHUT.THE.FUCK.UP.*claps to*

then his phone rang i saw him blush at the text then he looked at me .

me: what was that .?

sam: oh i got a botty call so....bye BIIIITTTTCCCCCCHHHHHHHH ..

and he skipped away ...this nigga stupid.

a/n: lol

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