Progress Is A Bitch Part 26

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27th October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

After the Kingsleys moved me to a clinic as it were, to learn how to do everything again, it took nearly twelve months before I could manage to pick up and hold a cup of tea without assistance for the first time.

Twelve long damn months.

Talk about being patient. That was somehting I had to learn the hard way. It wasn't easy either. Not for me or for anyone else either. But I persisted and it eventually paid off.

Walking and talking were different though. I can only say the bare minimum of words.. like no, shit and fuck off. I learnt those fairly easily and early on in my therapy.

I think it was Mr Kingsley who got me to speak the first time.

He was pissing me off so I told him where to go, literally. He was that excited that he jumped up and went running out screaming the place down calling for The Judge. He was actually dragging her all the way back to my room vey happy that I spoke.

Then I told her to fuck off too before pulling the blanket up and over my head with my one good arm that I can do just a little bit of anything with. Like scratch my nose.. or pick it.

Of course, the dancing jig the older couple were doing along with the laughter brought the attention of everyone else coming to see what had happened. When they found out I spoke, they all were excited and happy too.

The damn idiots.

"Idyuts." Was what I muttered from under the blanket. But I guess they heard me say that too.

It was progress they said with a smile later that day. I don't care at the moment. Progress was a bitch and I hate her.

They said that any tiny bit of improvement was progress and worth celebrating. But I didn't want to celebrate until I was up and walking and my damn legs did not want to co-operate.

So my progress was very slow, but it was steady they said since each month I could do something I couldn't do before.

But picking up a cup of tea and taking a drink after slowly bringing it to my mouth was a big achievement. That was major progress the therapisits had said and I should be proud of myself.

I told them too to go and get effed.

Sometimes I would be sitting there looking out the window watching other patients being outside enjoying the day with visitors and all I had were therapists when the Kingsleys weren't around.

So it wasn't surprising for someone to come in and get a tongue lashing of sorts because I was pissed.

Then I would burst into tears because I didn't know why I was so angry all the time. I should be pleased that there was progress, but I wasn't. That's when dark thoughts would enter my mind like they did back in the hospital where all the others came to visit with me all the time.

I was angry at all of them too.

When I got really bad, I couldn't talk too well. My words all came out wrong. And not in the right order of what i wanted to say and I was so frustrated.

So it wasn't very long before phsychologists were calling in to say hello to me too. Which I told them to rack off too.

But this particular one who was maybe the same age as The Judge or a little older just laughed at me and stayed sitting on the seat beside my chair. Her name was Joy Thoms.

She had an accent. One that wasn't American and it took me a while to figure out that she was an Australian. Which had me wondering what she was doing here.

I found out later that she was visiting her grandson and his children who lived over here in the States up in Bend over in Oregon. When my case was brought to her attention by one of the doctors who had ran into her, she wanted to come and visit with me.

From what I gather, she is a world famous Psychiatrist.

I suppose I should be grateful to have her on my case, not. I told her to eff off too. But she kept coming back.

What I have to say surprised me was that each time she did, I was able to do something else I hadn't done before. Like swear more efficiently. But I had to speak slowly so other people understood me.

In the end, I have to say that I actually looked forward to Joy coming to visit me.

We would talk about all sorts of things. One of which was her daughter in law who had been in an aeroplane crash with her babies and father and walked out of the Australian outback pushing the babies in a pram and pulling her father in a gold buggy since he had a broken leg.

It happened before my time, but Joy showed me some of the photo's that were taken then from when it happened.

I was amazed at the story and looked it up on the internet on my laptop when I was alone.

Finding out that the whole family is amazing. Especially her grandsons wife. I have heard of her, Jillianne Tyler Thoms. She is JaiArh. It all came out who she was when some phsycho worker went gunning for her and nearly killed her when she was pregnant.

She wasn't married to Micah Thoms at that stage.

The Thoms family were certainly full of achievers I noticed.

Anyway, I think I was going to miss Joy when she eventually goes home. I'm just glad that she was able to visit me for a little while . She was the one who was helping me understand all the ins and outs of having an aquired brain injury.

Emotions and behaviours change from what they were before the accident and I had to learn all about them so that I could make progress without having those temper tantrums like I have been having.

At least I was able to work through them now. Or at least try to work through them.

It was another year before I was even able to stand up on my feet. I couldn't walk without assistance and it didn't take long to see that I needed the help of walking aids for some considerable times.

Learning how to walk was a bitch. It was painful and agonising and I was glad that I could tell everyone to eff off like I have been. I earned the right to say so.

But I eventually made it up and into a walker.

That took three and a half years to do. I still didn't have the same amount of strengths in each side, but doing extra exercises for that helped to even things out for me.

But getting up and down was still a problem. I still needed help.

Hell, I still needed help for a lot of things. But by the time I could walk a little, I had met the Todd's. I was so glad that they decided to stay and give it a go with me. They have been a godsend if you can call them that.

Both Brian and Jess will always have a job and a home with me wherever I am. I am just glad that they have become my friends as well.

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