Chapter 2. The Beginning's

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At Roswell Park Premed School

    "Hey, your result is out. You stood first in the class." Andrew said to Nathan.
    "Really?, I can't believe it!" Nathan exclaimed.

    Andrew was his good friend and dormmate. They used to study and play together.

    He was an extrovert and hardly read or attended the wards. He used to borrow Nathan's clinical notes but Harrison, Bailey & Love, Jeffcoatte and Shaw were on his finger tips.  

    They had one thing in common.

    Both were from same Riverdale public high school in New York and had a penchant for biology, photography and hiking during the summers.
  Summers were spend usually at his aunt Mary's cottage in Wisconsin or at the Texas ranch of his maternal uncle Richard's, riding horses and shooting birds with his Air Riffle.

    Winters were too cold with the campus alleys and streets lined with pine & fir trees, covered with snow.

    Being born in New York City was God's gift for him. Big Apple was his birth place.

    At Roswell park high school campus of University at Buffulo, State University of New York, Nathan & Andrew scored similar marks in premed, but Andrew's 4th year grades were more of 3B's - Basketball, Babes & Bars.

    All students had to stay in the dorm, and from 2nd year they both shifted to subsidised apartment, 3 miles from the school campus.

Though Dr. John Carter, knew the Dean of the School, not even once did Nathan spoke to Dr. Nancy Anderson about his family connections.

    It was Dr. Nancy who called him once to her office, when his score were not upto the mark in his 3rd year, mid semester: summative and comprehensive assessment.

    Nathan didn't liked to be distracted with Andrew's antics.

    Hence, following his assignments and premed classes, he would straightaway go to play a game of Basket ball or Table Tennis with his class mates.

     Alternately he worked out in the open gym "49 Heartbeats" at the junction of Elm and Carlton streets.

    Nathan used to visit his father in premedical school on Thanks Giving day and Christmas week during winter vacations. He loved the turkey feast and the family reunions.

    Once or twice a year Dr. John Carter and his younger sibling Ken used to visit him at Roswell. Ken was studying in London School of Economics. He was 4 years younger to Nathan.

    If not studying, his favourite pastime was listening to the music on his Sony Walkman or iPod.

At Riverdale Public high School

    He was an average high school student, passionate to make a mark in music industry as professional musician -guitarist, vocalist and drummer. All-in-One.

    Riverdale school Band 'Strings' was his first break as a lead guitarist. Mr Josh, his music teacher, loved the way he moved his fingers strumming the guitar.

    From 7th to the 10th grade, he had won 1 gold, 2 silver and one bronze medal at the inter school music competition.

    Mr. Josh also taught him piano at his roadside cottage on Elm street on Friday evenings after school hours. They used to practice Bach, Beethoven symphony tracks.

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