Making My Way Again.Part 25

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27th October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

Five years later...

"Sarah! It's lunch time. Come when you're ready." I heard Jess call out through the window of the kitchen.

Grabbing hold of the rock wall I was on the grond next too, I pulled myself up and once I had my balance, I leaned against it for a moment and brushed my hands down against my clothes to brush the dirt off.

Then getting myself balanced again, I reached across for my walker and getting hold of it, I slowly and carefully pushed myself dragging my right leg a little behind me as I made my way up the slight incline of the garden to the level path where I had to stop and get my balance again.

Then I slowly pushed myself along towrads the house that no one knew was all the way out here in the hills.

I got to the open door and pushed myself inside and stopped to slowly and carefully slide my shoes off. Then leaving the walker there near the door, I turned and made my way over to the kitchen where Jess was dishing up my lunch.

But first, I made my way along the wall holding on to the rails swe had added to the house so that i could make my way to the utility room and wash up my hands before making my way back to sit down on the swivel chair at one side of the table.

Swivel chairs with arm rests have been such a help for me, and for Brian too.

Hearing the door open behind me, I knew from the smile on Jess's face that it was Brian, her husband. He usually comes home for lunch.

It was a stroke of luck finding this couple who not only were looking for accommadation, but also for work as well. They had been looking at caretaking positions around the country but couldn't find one that would suit them and their needs.

Brian had an aquired brain injury too. But his was not as bad as mine is and he can fully function with every day life. He got his from an epileptic seizure, one he had never experienced before. But it affected him for a couple of years.

Unfortunately, it affected the brains of idiots who knew nothing about it and turned down every work application he put in. The only thing that caused him some concern was the occassional headache he got when he worked too hard or became too stressed.

Apart from that, he was just your average man about the place.

Jess had been nursing when Brian became ill with that seizure. Her life revolved around him and his needs at the time and she quit her job to take care of him. She eventually went back to work but with a few setbacks that Brian had in those first few years, it made it somewhat difficult to keep a job and look after him when he needed it.

So the two of them sat down and decided what to do with their lives and the caretaking positions are what they ended up doing. But they weren't permanent and they had to look for more work eventually. Work that came with accommodation at times.

I had just begun to make words out and was sitting in a park near a pond when I noticed the two older ones who looked a little upset sitting on a bench opposite me feeding the ducks that inhabited the park.

I had managed to be able to move my motorized wheelchair about for myself without assistance and this was the first time that I had taken a 'walk' outside for myself on my own.

Essentially, what I had done was escape for a while getting away from everyone.

By everyone, I meant the carers that had been hired to look after me and I was feeling that they were too bossy and forcing me to do things. But I was tired and just wanted a rest for a little while and they wouldn't let me.

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