28: kenia&christopher

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I just realized a lot of things happen at the park in this story. 😂

Erick's POV


She took a deep breath. She slowly pulled up her sleeve, and I'm realizing what she's doing. This is all my fault she's like this. I saw her full arm and I gasped. These cuts were recent...


"I thought you said you stopped?" I said with my voice cracking in the end.

She looked down not saying anything. "Jazmin why do you keep doing this to yourself?" I stuttered

"C-Christopher let me." She said quietly putting her head down.

"No no no... Jazmin you're lying, Chris would never let you do that."

"You don't believe me?" Her voice got soft, like a little girl's.

"I-I honestly don't" I managed to say.

"If don't believe me then come" she started walking away. I ran up to catch up with her. She was walking towards the basketball court and I followed.

Jazmin called time out and called Christopher over. He ran up to us and said, "what's up?"

Jazmin told him to tell me about her... cutting. He denied. "Chris what the fuck you're denying it now?"

"I-I didn-" she cut him off by saying, "Whatever I thought you were in this with me." She walked away not saying anything else.

Christopher  looked at me with worry in his eyes. He then ran after her, and I drove home...


Jazmin's POV:

I can't believe Christopher did that. Erick probably thinks I'm a lier now.

God, why does this happen to me? Ughh.

I was walking and I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and it was Chris. "We need to talk" he said worried.

"Why did you deny?" I asked softly.

"I didn't want... Erick to think I'm an even worse brother than I already am" he said nervously, biting his lip.

"Who fucking cares if you're a bad brother or not?" I yelled at him which caused heads to turn towards us. Chris stayed quiet.

"Now, Erick is going to think I'm lying to him. He won't trust me anymore all because of you!" I broke down.

Yeah, call me a crybaby, but I needed to let it out. I want to get back together with Erick but it's complicated. I "cheated" on him, I've been cheated on... and I don't want to be cheated on the person I love the most...

All Christopher did was hug me.

He let go of the hug and said, "Jazmin I-I'm sorry."

"Just take me home" I demanded.

"Okay, let me just say bye to the boys and I'll get Kenia" he said.

He went over to Kenia who was sitting down in the grass. I thought about all the stuff that went on between them. The hooked up before once...

I was the one who caught them... "doing the dirty."

It was the day after Kenia broke up with her ex-boyfriend, Gabriel. I fell asleep next to her after she cried her eyes out.

The next morning she wasn't next to me. I got scared for a second, I looked all over the house and there was no sign of her.

Then I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and what a surprise! It was Christopher's GIRLFRIEND!!! *sarcasm intended*

I never liked her. She was always so rude to me and clingy towards Christopher. I never knew her name... you can guess how much I've talked to her.

She barged in like if she owned place. She asked for Chris and I told her that he might be sleeping. She had the idea to wake him up so else went upstairs.

I slowly opened the door... as I heard shuffling... and there they were.

It's obvious they broke up that same day... which means HALLELUJAH for me!

The girl called Kenia a bunch of names like slu- my thoughts were cut off by Chris.

"Okay let's go!"

As we were walking, the boys yelled "Bye Jazmin!" I blushed as I turned around, I smiled and waved goodbye...

Hey guys... have you noticed something different? Yeah, I changed the cover and my username! :) Anyways.... Sorry for the long wait for just a short chapter. I've been really busy lately.

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