Chapter Thirty-two

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Sargent Reid was beside himself with worry for Angelique O'Bryan

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Sargent Reid was beside himself with worry for Angelique O'Bryan. He knew she had no idea the danger she was in. Bobby and his gang were just pawns being used and manipulated by Danny Caldwell to distribute drugs and weapons throughout the streets of New York. 

Sargent Reid had been working on the case for years now, but no matter how hard he tried, couldn't pin anything on Danny. He finally got a lucky break, when a brash, abrupt man named John McDougle approached him. 

John came looking for him because he learned some information that he couldn't live with and, still believing in the justice system, wanted to know what Sargent Reid was going to do about it. It had come to John's attention that witnesses involved in cases with Danny Caldwell were disappearing before trial. Especially those trials that involved a particular street gang. 

If they didn't disappear, then they suddenly were dropping the charges without warning and some cases seem pretty airtight in John's opinion. It was obvious that Danny's clients were guilty.

Later, as they worked together on the case, John had provided some information that led to some pretty large drug and weapon busts, but as soon as the firm set their sights on Angelique O'Bryan, John's demeanor changed. 

Reid wondered if it was possible that Danny had an idea that John was the mole in the firm and encouraged the case against Angelique to distract John from knowing his every move. He was pretty certain neither John nor Danny expected Angelique to get involved with Bobby and his gang. It was just an unfortunate coincidence. 

When he arrested Bobby at the shelter, he knew the boy's profile well and when he encouraged Angelique to press charges, Sargent Reid knew the chain of events he was setting in motion. He thought they could handle it. It was just the edge they needed to spur Danny into action and make him get sloppy. Then they could nail him for the lowlife he was, but the Sargent had underestimated Danny.

Thinking of John's death and now Angelique missing, Sargent Reid realized just how wrong he was. 

"Sargent Reid? Please respond," came the dispatcher's voice over the ban. 

"This is Sargent Reid." 

"Sargent Reid, we have an emergency call from an Alice Spry. She said she's from St. Gabriel's Home for Children and she needs to talk to you. Should I patch her through?" 


There was a brief pause and then came a shaky voice. "Sargent Reid?" 

"Yes, Alice. What's wrong? What's going on there? Has Michael gotten back?"

"No," Alice said, "I have a message from John McDougle. He told me I had to reach you. It's regarding Angelique." 

"John McDougle?" It shocked officer Reid to hear the name. "But John McDougle is dead." 

Confused, Alice asked, "What did you just say?" 

"John, John McDougle was found dead on his boat this afternoon. Burned to death in a fire." 

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