Chapter two.

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Author's Nook: Hey! I got a few reads on chapter one, which made me quite happy! Let's keep it up okay? I hope the way that the names are don't confuse anyone. If you like the story please comment, I'd love to hear what everyone (anyone at all) has to say! <3


                Sato-San worked out the details of going to get a practice uniform with Naoki that very afternoon, Naoki bought a practice leotard, it was a simple black leotard with long sleeves. She then gave Naoki the evening to think about what type of event she would like to focus her energy on and went back to the gym to tend to the team. Naoki walked home with a smile on her face despite having to go back to the house, she had something to look forward to tomorrow, and that was all that counted.

Just outside her window, on the roof, Naoki sat watching the sky as she thought about what she would be doing in gymnastics. It excited her knowing she would be doing an after school activity like a normal kid for the first time in a very long time. Next to her were her English flashcards and the long sleeved leotard Sato-San bought for her, she fingered the material gingerly as she thought back on the events she had seen on TV.

There was the beam, where your balance and flexibility had to be precise like a cat to be able to walk a less-than one foot wide beam, as well as perform tricks on it. Then there were the floor exercises where you would perform tumbling to music, and the bars where you would use your body against physics just like a monkey. Also, there was vaulting, where you would jump up and perform a trick before you landed on the ground.

When it came down too it, Naoki thought hard and long about it and decided on the main event she would train for: beam. It had taken her a while to decide between beam and floor exercises, but she knew that some of the tricks on floor would not be as suited for her and her current situation. Smiling at her decision, Naoki sipped on her lemonade and saw the familiar sunset where the sun slipped beyond the horizon in a display of beautiful reds, oranges, and purples.

Climbing off her roof and back into her room, she ran downstairs and grabbed some food to heat up in her microwave, and two bottles of water before she entered her room, locked the door tightly and opened the window a crack. Turning on her television, she watched her show and ate quietly before she drifted off into sleep in hopes of not being disrupted.

The morning came and Naoki woke pleasantly. She quickly slipped into her long school uniform, packed her bags, and slipped out the back door quietly, over the unconscious figure of her father. Having made it out of the house successfully, Naoki entered the little store she bought her lunch from every morning and was greeted by the manager by name.

“Good morning Kimori-san! I see you are doing quite well this morning!” Sikamuri Goro greeted humbly, his burly figure was oddly gigantic in comparison to his wife. Sikamuri Amaya was small with a sweet complexion and, unlike her husband, very shy and soft spoken. She was quite fond of Naoki, perhaps it was because she was not able to have children. Due to an accident, she was rendered unable to have children, and although Goro loves her unconditionally despite that, she was still very depressed about it.

“Good morning Sikamuri-san. I am, how is Lady Sikamuri today?” She asked Goro as she picked out a water, a small bento, and a smaller snack.

“Oh, call me Goro!” He cheerfully bellowed as he rung Naoki’s purchases up. “Mrs. Sikamuri is doing well, she’s out in the garden. She’s taken a fond liking of that garden, perhaps we’ll have fresh produce in here.”

“Why that would be very good. I can’t wait. Send my greeting to Mrs. Sikamuri?”

“Sure! Have a good day!” Goro bellowed before Naoki waved and left the shop, making her way to Kumora High School.

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