Your New Contracter

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Lizzy's P. O. V
I wish Ciel was happy. When we were children he would smile all the time with his navy blue eyes shining. He's no longer happy. I'd give anything for him to be happy. I wish someone would grant me my wish. I hope my prayers will be answered I thought as I went to bed.
~~Time Skip brought to you by Alucard~~

Around Midnight I woke up again. I swore I heard a voice. As I dosed off again I wasn't in my room. I was floating in darkness with I think was a pentagram under my floating body. Then a voice spoke. It was a woman...she sounded almost mother like. I didn't feel afraid by this voice. "You have summoned me to grant you a wish...what do you require of me?" She asked me. I gulped knowing she was a demon. No way she was an angel let alone human! I spoke up "I...I want to make my fiancée happy! Th-that is my wish!" I heard her chuckle "Love is such an odd emotion you humans have. Once I make this seal of the contract there is no turning back! When your wish is complete, and you die I will consume your soul. Until then, I will be your loyal servant, granting every command you throw at me. Do you still want to make a contract?" Of course I do! Anything for Ciel! "Yes! Yes demon I will make a contract with you!!" I shouted confidentiality. The female demon turned from her fox form into the silhouette of a curvy young woman. Though, I still couldn't see her face. I saw her hand slowly come near me touching my forehead when I felt a pain. "Don't worry. That is the seal. Your bangs will hide them from people to see." She told me as she moved her hand away. I fell back asleep for the rest of the night.

~Morning still Lizzy's P. O. V~

I was awoken but a beautiful young woman with H/L H/C and E/C eyes. She was so lovely and would look great in pink!! She was currently wearing a cute(ish) butler uniform. Only it was a dress not slacks. It was grey and black. So not cute!! She smiled at me as she opened the curtains. "Good Morning M'lady. It is time to wake up." I was shocked. Was she the demon?! It wasn't a dream!! "Yes. I am the demon you made a contract with." She smiled and bowed. She read my mind! I ran over to my mirror and lifted up my bangs. There it was. A F/C pentagram with a unique design with it on my forehead. I let my bangs fall back down and cover the sign up again. "Do you have a name?" I asked politely. "No. Demons are called by the creature they are. Unless we make contacts. You name me." She smiled. "I'll name you...Y/N...Y/N...yes! That sounds lovely!" I squealed. Y/N chuckles at my squealing "It is a lovely name. I will help you get ready for breakfast." Y/N then takes out a adorable orange dress I simply love!

~Mini Time Skip after breakfast~
Your P. O. V

I check my pocket watch and it reads 10:21. "Lady Elizabeth you have nothing scheduled for today. What do you normally do when you have free time?" Before I knew it she grabbed my wrist and dragged me behind the house before her mother saw us. "Shhh. I like to sneak out to Ciel's estate." She whispered before quietly squealing again. Simply young girl with an innocent soul. I must not have it tainted with. "Ciel has a butler named Sebastian! You two would be so cute together!!" She gripped on my hand and dragged me away. I wondered about this butler...

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