(Cassie's POV)

A blinding light awoke me from my slumber, as violet eyes lingered in the back of my mind, as I realized I had been dreaming of Xavier, crap. That was the first time I had ever dreamed Xavier. Why?

I got out of bed and looked at the clock, s*** it was already eleven o'clock.

Damn it I had slept for eleven hours since when did I sleep that much, I've had to many sleepless nights too many to even count.

It was already fourth period, no reason to go to school now. So I went down stairs and found another note from Aunt Molly. Dear Cassie,

Waking up late is not going to help the horrific school record that you already have. Please clean your room and take out the trash as your chore. And you are going to the dance to make up for not going to school today, I will be home in time to help you get ready. ~Aunt Molly.

Great just what I wanted to do with my night.

So I decided to do as I was told for once and a went up stairs to clean the s*** hole that is my room.

*two hours later*

With only a half an hour left, I took out the trash and moped around the house until Aunt Molly came through the door out of breath and dismantled.

She must have seen my face, because she looked down at herself and quickly fixed herself. Not giving it a seconds thought she asked if we should start getting me ready I nodded quickly and headed up the stairs with her.

Aunt Molly seemed impressed with my work on my room and she sat me down roughly to start on my hair.


An hour later my hair was curled and fit for a queen. With me stressed as ever having to make small talk with the woman who only checked on me to see if I was still breathing. At this point I might not be.........*breathes* ok we're still good.

I went into the closet to see what I would wear but then I heard the clearing of a throat behind Me and found Aunt Molly standing there with the most beautiful green dress I had ever seen in my life.

I asked her where she got it and she said that it was an early birthday present, that my mom, gave to my aunt, to give to me on my sixteenth birthday.

I. told aunt Molly my thanks and she hurried out to let me get dressed. It was perfect it curved in the right places, flowed in the right places, perfect, and it was mine.

I found my favorite pair of sparkly silver pumps. When I went down stairs Aunt Molly was smiling. "You look just like your mom did in that dress. She would have loved to see you in it, I know I do." She said a single tear falling off her round cheek, then she left, just walked down to her office and left it at that.

So I left too, went upstairs got my clutch, then went back down stairs to find Molly had left again so I decided to walk to the dance.


A fifteen minutes later I got to the dance, and the band was just setting up so I went and sat on the bleachers, and took off my shoes.

My feet were already killing me from the walk over. I have always hated wearing shoes they make my feet uncomfortable even if they were totally fashionable.

More people started to show up (no one I knew) so I sat and waited. Peopled started to sway and move awkwardly to the hum of the music. Still not many people had showed up.

But as more people showed up It felt weird just sitting there by myself it seem like forever me siting there by myself.

People danced, refreshments were passed and ate and decorations started to peel from the wall.

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