<<Part Two>>

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"All the kids cried out 'please stop you're scaring me', I can't help this awful energy, God dàmn right you should be scared of me."

D e f y i n g T h e A l p h a
P a r t T w o


I slowly lug down my luggage that contains everything I was allowed to bring. Yeah, this dumb alpha gave me a restriction as to what I could or could not bring. It infuriated me beyond belief.

"Hurry up Angel!" Amsterdam's irritated voice called from the hallway. Well isn't someone eager to get rid of me? I thought with a scowl.

I obey and speed down the stairs and brisk past pack members who came to witness my leavings.

My family stands in front of the door with fake sadness on their face. I scoff as I see my mother tear up slightly.

"Don't cry mother, you're the one doing this." I snapped while placing my luggage on the ground.

"I have to Angel!" My mother sobbed out. Amsterdam rushes over to her and coddles her like she's an infant. Pathetic.

"Well may I leave now?" I asked growing impatient with being in this suffocating room. The tension grows even more at my request.

"Angel, quit being to rude!" My older sister; Avalon snapped.

I roll my eyes and bend down to pick up my luggage before eyeing all five blue eyes that belong to my family. "Bye." With that I shoved past them all and open the door and immediately regret I didn't.

A buff guy with beach blonde hair stands stiffly in front of a black Porsche. I admire the guy who's baby blue eyes stare at me in curiosity.

I walk towards him until I am right in front of him. He's still staring at me curiosity making my irritation grow. "What're you staring at blondie?" I asked with an eyebrow raised.

Blondie chooses to ignore me but takes my luggage out of my hands and puts them in the trunk. I get in the passenger seat of the beautiful car. The smell of cologne hits my nostrils at full force making me sigh in content. The car has sleek, black leather seats, a small dog tag hangs from the rearview mirror. This definitely seems like a males car.

Blondie hops in the driver seat and turns on the engine before roaring out of my driveway. Neither of us have seat-belts which probably isn't a good idea seeing how blondie is a terrible driver and I mean terrible. He's going sixty in a thirty mile lane, he's cutting off so many people as he zig zags in front of people who are going too slow.

"Jesus, your driving is awful." I exclaimed as he nearly collides with a blue jeep.

"Shut up." Blondie's deep voice snapped. His voice is rich and masculine causing heat to spread.

Blondie takes a deep breath before his baby blue eyes flash to mine. I witness his eyes changing into a dark blue color. He clenches his jaw and tightens his grip on the steering wheel so tight that his knuckles turn white. "Fück." Blondie whispered as he probably tries to block out my arousal.

I blush in embarrassment and clench my thighs together tightly. "Sorry." I squeaked out.

Blondie growls lowly and rolls his eyes as he concentrates on every but me. My cheeks are probably as red as a tomato and my heart is racing wildly in its cage.

I wish I could say I regret my arousal, but I don't. His reaction was great yet embarrassing. It's not fully my fault that this male before me is so freaking hot that it turns me on!

"So," I trail off awkwardly as I try to converse with the God.

"So what?" Blondie snaps in irritation.

"How old are you?" I ask randomly, ignoring his snappy tone.

Blondie looks at me with narrowed eyes. "Seriously? Out of everything my age?"

Now it's my turn to narrow my eyes. "It's a common question. What's wrong with that?"

Blondie rolls his eyes and grips the steering wheel. Gosh, he has anger issues. I think in my head.

"I'm twenty-three, you?" He asks after a few long moments of silence.

I'm astonished at his age. He doesn't look a day over eighteen! Then again we are werewolves but gosh. "Eighteen." I say proudly. I can finally say I am a legal adult.

"You're young, still a child." Blondie states while clenching his jaw. He totally just contradicted what I said.

I scoff at him and cross my arms over my chest. "No, I am not."

Blondie scoffs as well and pulls over to the side of the road causing my nerves to spike. "Yeah, you are. You're throwing a fit because I said something that you didn't like. You're a child, a stubborn brat and let me tell you one thing, parum lupum, my alpha won't tolerate that, he'll make you submit so fast you won't know what hit you."

I take his threat lightly and smirk at him. "We'll see."

Blondie glares and rolls his eyes at me for what seems like the millionth time today. "Yeah, we'll see, parum lupum."

"What does that mean?" I ask indicating the nickname.

"Don't worry about it. Why don't you just be quite until we reach the pack house? We have a long ways to go and your yapping is giving me stress." Blondie says in an annoyed tone.

Stress, what stress pretty boy? I smirk in my head.

"Also, my alpha has different opinions and rules then yours, so don't be surprised at what he can and will do to you." Blondie warns halfheartedly.

Thanks blondie, real helpful.


Filler chapter but I thought it was needed in order to update! So, blondie reveled his age just not his name! And Angel has yet to meet the alpha, next chapter will be drama!!!

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