Chapter 1

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          It was 6:45 and Cambria had woken up an hour late. Normally, she didn’t have to have an alarm clock; her body already knew when it was time to get ready for that dreaded place. Today Cambria had decided to wear a hoody and jeans, because it was something that she didn’t want to get ruined; though she wasn’t eating in the cafeteria ever again.

          The day had started off fairly normal, with the words she’d gotten used to being recited to her. But it didn’t stay normal.

          Cambria walked through the halls with her head down, when all of a sudden, she wasn’t being called names. Everyone had directed their attention to something or someone else.

          I looked up and saw what the whole fiasco was about; a new kid. He was really hot; if I must state my opinion. His hair was kind of shaggy, but not in an overwhelming way like some, and its blonde color contrasted well with his light blue eyes. Now I could see why everyone was obsessing over him.

          As he started walking forward, everyone made a path for him, except for me; I was standing right in his way. I immediately knew I should’ve just moved when everyone else did, but I felt daring with the new kid. The whispers started back up, and I knew that he could hear them. I knew he could see my hearing aids too, yet he wasn’t joining in. Something was weird about this kid; like he actually had a heart or something. Instead he politely said excuse me and went around me.

          I looked around and saw tons of shocked faces. Again, I have that feeling like something’s going to be different today, but I’m not going to act upon it. I’m just going to go through the school day like normal.

          As per usual, the first 3 periods flew by, and Cambria was left wondering how they always went by faster than the afternoon ones.

          When the lunch bell rang, I waited for everyone else to get out of their seats before I walked to the bathroom. Waiting was the worst part, but today I only had to wait for 5 minutes. I was making my way to the tree and was just out of the doors when I heard him say,

          “Where are you going gorgeous?”

          “I don’t trust or talk to liars.” I replied.

          “Liar? You don’t even know me, and you already think I’m a liar?!”

          “Never, ever have I been called gorgeous       in my entire life. So you’re either a liar or have bad eyesight.”

          “Or maybe I’m just not like everyone else. Seem like a fair enough answer?”

          I smiled inwardly before replying, “Yeah it does. I’m just going to lunch actually.”

          “But the cafeteria’s the other way?”

          “Yes, I’m aware. I don’t eat lunch in the cafeteria anymore.”

          “Why is that?” He inquired.

          “Maybe I’ll tell you sometime, but not now.”

          “Do you mind if I accompany you for your lunch today?”

          “No, I don’t mind.”

          We walked in silence, but it wasn’t an awkward or uncomfortable one. I liked it. It somehow joined us together, I think. About 5 minutes later, we arrived at the tree, and I realized that I didn’t even know his name. I asked him and he replied that it was Jace. The two of us chit chatted as I ate my lunch, and when the time was noon I said to Jace,

          “Better get going, we need to be back to the school in 10 minutes.”

          He simply nodded his head, and off we went. When there was about 3 minutes left in our journey back to the school, I asked him if he wanted to race. In the end, Jace beat me, but it was still fun and I was laughing my butt off when it was all said and done.

          “Who knew I’d get beat by one of the hottest guys in the school?!” I exclaimed, and when the realization of what I’d said had set in, I clamped my hand over my mouth and got wide eyed.

          “So you think I’m hot, eh?”

          “Just a tad, but we’re moving on now.” I managed to squeak out from my embarrassed state.

          “We’ll see about that Casebolt, we’ll definitely see.” Jace said and trotted off to 5th hour.

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