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An original story written by me. The Characters belong to me, aaaaaand this is COPYRIGHTED :)

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"Put me DOWN!" I yelled as he carried me across his shoulder. I screamed and shouted as much as my 16 year old lungs can handle, but that didn't do anything, so i just started crying. He stormed into the room, and with his 19 year old strength, he threw me on the bed. He stood inbetween my legs, and started to touch me everywhere. He looked and smiled at me like he was my newly-wed husband, passion in his eyes and everything. I cried even harder, i just couldn't go through this again. He took off my underwear and started to kiss my neck, inserting two fingers and rapidly going rough and hard - like HE liked it. I cired really hard and loud, damn near shouting. That's when he got up and looked at me

"Shut the fuck up,or I'll kill you."

He then went to the drawer, pulled out a condom and put it on. He then held me down as i was squirming, trying to get free, and inserted me. With every thrust and grunt, my body ached and ached more. The latex of the condom against my walls started to feel like hot lava from a volcano. His hands became rougher and more tight around my wrists, which were pinned to the bed. He thrusted inside me so hard, that I couldn't feel my thighs; they had went numb. I couldn't take the pain anymore, I screamed so loud and it was filled with pain, I couldn't BARE the PAIN. However, that didn't stop him, but egged him on more.

He pulled out and flipped me on my stomach, telling me to get on all fours, that's when, up until the time he came, he had his sick pleasures from behind me. He knew I hated it. He KNEW I hated this. I didn't even know it was going to go this far.

He was the one that I could trust with any and EVERYTHING, and now...

I couldn't get my thoughts straight before he pulled out, pulled off the condom, and came all over my back. He groaned one last time, breathing heavily. He snickered at my limp, numb body on the brown comforter and went to go wash off and leave. He did so, and i went to go wash off.

After that, I got under the huge, warm, brown comforter and formed the fetal position. I cried until I couldn't cry anymore, I HATED him with all my heart, but then again, I still love him..

He's My Brother, How am I Supposed to Feel?


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