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who's is it ?.....

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justice's p.o.v

3 DAYS LATER .......

Madison has been throwing up and eating everything in sight for three days straight . i know she's pregnant because i walked into the bathroom and saw a pregnancy test and it was positive. i went to the conjunction house and drgged roc out by his ear and drove to my house . when we pulled up olwe walked up in the house i saw madison eating pickles and icecream .

Me: roc you see what you did?

Madison: whats wrong why are y'all looking at me like that *starts crying* am i fat ?

Me: madison i know your pregnant ....

Madison/roc: what ?

Me: i know your pregnant....

Madison: how ?

Me: you don't know how to hide shit ....

Roc: the baby ain't mine .

Me: how can you say that ?

Roc: because i used two condoms on her .* points to maddy*

Me: so you cheated again * teary eyes *

Madison: I'm sooooo sorry justice ....

Me: no not again ...roc help me with something upstairs.

Madison: I'm sorry justice please ....

Roc and i walked up the stairs to my- No maddison's room and i got a suitcase.

Roc: what you need help with ?

Me: help me pack ....

Roc: so your really leaving huh ?


After we were done packing i walked downstairs madison was sleeping . i looked at her ...i hate that i love her so much . i kissed her forehead . i turned to roc and handed him a letter i wrote when he was in the bathroom .

Me: take care of her ....find the dad of the baby .......that letter tells it all so just give it to her .

Roc: okay ....imma miss you big head .

Me:*giggles* imma miss your crazy ass too .

I hugged him as my tears fell i pulled away and made my way to my car . i hopped in heading to the airport .....new life here i come .

A/n: awww where the hell she going ? lol

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