part 5

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"In my old loop." she began.

"There was a boy. From the moment that he arrived I knew he was bad but I didn't want to admit it to myself."

At this point Enoch's gaze had shifted from her wrist to her face and as he looked at her, really looked, it was only then he could see how truly broken she was.

"I was meant to be safe in that damned loop and I wasn't, they didn't help me."

"I'm sorry." was all that Enoch could say, all that he could manage without breaking down himself.

He couldn't bare to see the girl that he was starting to care for like that.

"It was my fault though." she continued.  "He had such a bad past. The whites had used him for experiments for years and it ruined him. It made him so angry, I thought I could fix him but he wouldn't let me."

Enoch looked down when she stopped and saw that her eyes were clamped shut and a single tear made its way down her cheek.

"You should have left him." he said, and almost instantly her eyes snapped open.

"I know but nothing is that simple." She said as she looked at him.
"I did want to Enoch, it's just I couldn't. I thought I  loved him. I needed some other way to make the pain go away and I made that decision on my own."

"This is my second loop since, it's the reason I moved. I couldn't do it anymore and they found out about me hurting myself. They didn't accept me anymore, even my best friend turned against me, they didn't understand why."

"What happened to him, he got in trouble right?"

"I didn't say anything about him so I guess he's still there." she sighed.

"He deserves to suffer."

"Enoch it doesn't matter now. I'll never see him again and that's enough for me. Only Miss Dove and Miss Peregrine know and because of the stupid loop the cuts don't heal."

"This is why you got so upset about the movie, isn't it?"

"Yes, I just don't want to let anybody in so close to me because I don't want it to happen again."

She whispered the last bit as she turned her gaze down to the floor, not daring to look at him. Almost immediately she felt his hand on her face, bringing her gaze to meet his own,

"You're safe here Nevaeh, we'd never hurt you, don't you ever forget that." Whispered Enoch as he pulled her into an embrace.

She pulled back and turned away from Enoch. Suddenly her door opened to reveal a crying Fiona.

"I'm sorry Nevaeh for making you sad. I felt so horrible so I grew these for you," the girl said as she held out a bunch of tulips. It took a moment but  Nevaeh smiled before she answered.

"Its fine Fiona, I'm fine now." she smiled at the girl, who only now seemed to notice Enoch as he stood up.

"What's Enoch doing here?" Fiona questioned.

"We were just talking."

"Yeah right." the young girl sang.

"Fiona." Nevaeh smirked.

"Okay, sorry." as the young girl was walking away she called. "Miss peregrine said to go to bed soon."

As soon as Fiona went into her room Nevaeh spun round and wrapped her arms around Enoch's neck.

"Thanks." She whispered.

Enoch pulled her back and looked at her.
"No bother."

"Do you want to stay?" she smiled as she opened the door.

Nevaeh then sat on the bed and beckoned beside her, as Enoch sat down she rested her head on hes shoulder.

"Thank you." she said

"What for?"

'For listening to me."

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