“We’re moving.” Those where the words I have always feared. I was afraid to lose my friends, I was afraid of change. My mom didn’t know this no one did I have always hidden it. Too bad because those were the exact words from my mom’s face the minute I walked in the house getting home from the last day of school.

                “Wait when, where?” I kept myself as calm as possible feeling myself getting increasingly mad.

                “Next week were moving to California.” She said this thing like it happens every day, “Anna, go upstairs and pack your room please.” My mom tried to coax me out of my shock.

                “What the heck nice you ask me if I wanted to.” I yelled running up to my room I slammed the door and put my iPhone on the dock to listen to Gavin Degraw’s “not over you.” I looked around my room noticing the multitude of boxes. I searched through my room I started with the stuff I don’t use that often I went through my clothes and packed them leaving out a weeks’ worth for me to wear. After I was packed (the day before the move.)  I went and said good bye to my friends and I guess there was no point in prolonging the heart break I broke up with my boyfriend. I went home my room was empty and all the boxes were in the living room I laid down in my bed and started to cry.

                I was going to miss this but I sat up and wiped away the tears maybe this would be good for me. That’s the thought I was having before something tapped on my window. I looked over to it startled but I looked out it and pressed against the window was Ezra. I opened the door making him fall through.

                “What are you doing here?” I asked my new ex-boyfriend.

                “You broke up with me because you’re moving not because you stopped loving me.” he shrugged and walked up to me kissing me gently when he stopped I rested my head on his chest Ezra was about half a foot taller than me and he moved some of the brown hair that fell in my eyes behind my ear.

                “I don’t want to go…” I mumbled into his chest and he patted my head trying to calm me down.

                “You’ll be ok and you can always call me if you need someone.” He tilted my chin so I was looking into his brown eyes.

                “thanks.” I sat down on my bed and he followed me. “I’m going to miss you.” I nudged him a little.

               “Don’t worry I’ll come visit you.” He kissed my forehead.              

                “But how I’ll be across the country?” I whined.

                “Haven’t you heard the lyrics from new york to California? It’s not impossible.” I laughed not remembering what song I heard that in.

                “Yeah, I think” I yawned and stretched out laying my head on his lap.

                “I can’t believe you’re moving tomorrow.” I sighed.

                “No, what I can’t believe I’ll be alone in California for almost 5 days is my mom insane.” I rolled my eyes.

                “She knows you can handle yourself.” I could tell he was holding in a laugh.

                “Well yeah I guess.” I rolled my eyes, truth is she knows the family next door and is having them watch over me.

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