The Beast Of Renshaw

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The wind howled as the rain repeatedly battered the young man's olive skin as he ran through the Renshaw forest. As he stopped momentarily to look back, his brown eyes caught a glimpse of grey fur dashing between the trees. Letting let out a cry of despair he continued running, hoping to escape the monstrous forest, into the safety of the road. One of his expensive trainers slipped off as he was trying to climb over a mossy boulder, he looked down as he saw it lying by a creeping vine but was forced to leave it as he heard panting followed by a low toned growl. The rain stopped suddenly as the wind picked up. The young man could see the road in the distance, and he began laughing and crying from exhaustion and terror as he made his way towards safety.

He looked up at how the trees had woven their branches together, blocking out the meagre sunlight struggling to break through the dark grey clouds above. He stumbled to the edge of the forest and looked down the embankment at the road. He noticed a blonde man in a black car had stopped. The passenger, a blonde woman, was looking up at the forest and straight at him. He screamed as he stepped forward, as his ankle was mauled by what looked like an ancient bear trap. Dropping to the ground, he whimpered as he watched his means of safety drive away.

As he sat there he heard faint panting again. He desperately tried to open the trap using a branch, but screamed louder as it snapped the wood and cut deeper into the bone. The panting gradually become louder and, as the sound of a beast snarling filled his ears, he resigned himself to the fact that he was about to die.

He trembled as he felt its warm breath on the nape of his neck. He hung his head down and prayed for salvation. Seconds later he heard someone shouting in the distance. He heard whatever was behind him run off as a woman's voice echoed through the trees.

"Hello!" she called.

Instantly worried what the beast would do to her, he shouted a warning, "There is something in the forest!" "It's coming after you!" He heard the woman scream as he tried again to free himself. His ankle pained as he tried to get his foot out of the wrought iron trap. Positioning the branch between the rusty iron teeth and using his other foot to lever it open, he finally got his mangled foot out of the trap as he heard something approaching him. He dragged himself towards one of the big oak trees but realised he had left a trail of blood. He rested against the tree as his heart began to race. He heard panting again, he closed his eyes and sat still.

"Are you alright?" he heard a woman ask, as he opened his eyes.

"I thought it had got you," he said, as the woman knelt down looking at his ankle.

"You thought what had got me?" she asked seeming confused.

"I heard you screaming and then..." he was interrupted, as the woman looked at the severity of his injury, she studied the bear trap and then glanced back at the man.

"Those damn traps," she mumbled.

"What happened to the wolf?" he asked.

"Wolf?" she chuckled. "There are no wolves on Black Mountain Island,"

His vision became blurry as the blood poured from his wound.

"We will never get to the hospital in time," she stressed, as she tore the bottom of her shirt. She took the rubber band that was holding her hair in a ponytail and used it in conjunction with the ripped shirt. He groaned as she wrapped the material around his ankle and then put the band in place to hold it together.

"Don't put any pressure on that foot," she instructed him, as she looked for the easiest route to take. "There is a man living in the heart of this forest," she explained as she helped him up. "I will take you to him and he will stop the bleeding."

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