Chapter 40 - Blind

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Christina wandered aimlessly through the streets of New York with no idea of where she was going. She wasn't even really there, walking around like a zombie. She didn't look that far from it, either. Her face pale, her hands and blouse covered in blood.

Most of the streets she had walked down, people assumed she was dressed up and doing it for show. No-one questioned if it was real blood. No-one questioned if she was okay.

Just as she was about to cross at a zebra crossing, a car pulled up beside her, the passenger door swinging open. "Christina!" Her voice was called, causing her to stop and look around. Her brows knitted in confusion when she saw that it was Bruce, running towards her with a look of concern on her face. His concern quickly morphed into horror when he saw her blouse, slowing down in his steps.

"What did you do?" He asked. Chris didn't know what to say or how to reply. She just stood there, her hands hanging by her sides. Bruce let out a sigh, taking her by the arm and leading her into the car. Sitting in the back, she was then questioned by Bucky who was sat in the drivers seat, a horrified expression on his face.

"Chris, we've been looking for you everywhere, what did you do?" He asked as he turned in his seat to face her.
"I did what a queen does. I swung the sword." She answered him in a quiet whisper. "I killed him. The soldier that hurt Steve. The one that organised all of this. I executed him in front of the general and I didn't feel anything."
Bucky and Bruce exchanged a glance, before Bucky nodded his head.

"Okay, we're going to take you home and you're going to change, then you're going to explain what happened." Bucky said calmly before facing forward and getting back on the road. Chris simply nodded slowly, not even bothering to buckle herself up.

The journey was quite and surprisingly short despite the tense atmosphere. Even when they arrived at Bucky's place, Christina was still in robotic mode, showering as if she was programmed to. She wasn't sure what she was doing as she stared down at the blood washing off her hands and her stomach, mixing in with the water and turning it red before going down the drain. She took a life. And she was in shock. From seeing an entire family slaughtered. From slaughtering an alleged murderer.

Bucky was pacing the living room as he and Bruce awaited Chris to exit from the bedroom. Bruce had rested his elbows on his thighs and buried his face into his hands. How was he going to explain to others why he'd left them so soon? They'd been in a meeting, discussing what to do about Chris. She seemed to be all they talked about these days and all the trouble she seemed to have unwillingly brought. They'd suggest ideas on how to sort the problem, then they'd all shout over one another, with half the group siding on helping her and the other siding on completely getting rid of her to end the problem. Steve would just stand in silence with his arms crossed over his chest and jaw clenched at the pain it brought him. The pain of remembering what he had, what happened and how he lost it. How he lost her.

How will Bruce explain to the others that the 'emergency' that he had to run to save was in fact the problem they were trying to fix? How does he say to Steve that Bucky called him and not his oldest friend? I'd rather not tell them at all, he thought to himself.

His thought process was distracted by the sound of something hitting the floor in the bedroom.

"Who turned out the lights?!" Chris shouted, followed by the sound of more things falling. Bucky was quick to go to the bedroom door and open it, seeing that there was more than enough light in the room. Chris was on her knees in just a t-shirt, looking around wildly.
"Chris, are you okay? There's enough light in here." Bucky asked, stepping into the room. Bruce had gotten up, standing by the door as he felt he would be intruding if he were to step into her room.
"I can't see." Chris said after a while, feeling around the floor. "I can't see."
"What do you mean you can't see?" Bucky asked, crouching down in front of her. She lifted a hand, touching his face then his hair before speaking again.
"I'm blind." She whispered quietly. "I'm blind." She let her hand drop from Bucky's face, letting her gaze fall to the floor as if she could see anything.

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