The Life of Tony Stark's Daughter (Avengers Fanfiction!!)

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I wore a black ruffled skirt with a white v-neck and a neon green tank top underneath. Dad had sent his private jet over to Puerto Rico to get me for Christmas. That was mom's reason, she wanted me home for Christmas. Dad said Fury wanted me so that was going to be amazing! Sarcasm. I get it from my dad. I had my bodyguard, Happy, take my bags. Happy used to be dad's bodyguard but when I turned thirteen, dad wanted me to have a bodyguard and he trusted Happy so yeah. Happy's pretty cool.... sometimes. I sat on the couch just as my phone rang.

"Danielle Stark?" I answered it.

"It's me." Dad said. "Just to warn you, your mom is pissed at me. Apparently having a pre-Christmas party with the suit isn't allowed in the Tower." Dad acted like a kid all the time and I loved that about him. "So she may be a little bitchy when you get here."

"You know she loves me dad. She won't be pissed at me. You on the other hand...." I laughed.

"Is Happy with you?" He asked.

"Happy's yelling at the guy attendants." I sighed.

"He's just being overprotective about you." Dad chuckled. "We'll be waiting for you at the airport."

"Kay. I'll be there in a few hours." I hung up. The flight was short. I slept most of it.

"Danielle? Wake up, sweetheart." Happy woke me up.

"Thanks, Happy." I patted his shoulder.

"Anytime." He chuckled. He carried my bags out to my car dad had brought me. He had one of his other guys drive his car.

"Hey dad." I hugged him. I had his attitude and personality but my mom's eyes and blonde hair without the tint of red.

"Hey sweetie." He patted my back. "Mom's in your car. She wouldn't get out."

"I'll talk to her." I patted his shoulder.

"Race ya back to the Tower." Dad grinned. I sprinted to my car. While speeding through NYC, I talked to mom.

"So you and dad are pissed with each other?" I asked.

"Yes. He decides bringing the Mark 31 out while being drunk at his 'pre-Christmas' party." She used her fingers to make quotation marks around pre-Christmas.

"What do you expect? He's Tony Stark." I laughed.

"Why do you drive like he does?!" Mom yelled as I turned a sharp corner.

"Because its fun!" I laughed. I parked my car in the garage and walked with mom and dad to the elevator. "Dad say sorry."

"What?! Why?" He whined. I raised my eyebrows. "I'm sorry, Pep."

"It's okay." Mom sighed. Dad kissed her. I groaned as I walked out of the elevator. Fury, the Avengers, and the Avengers' kids all sat in the living room.


I had an idea..... What if the Avengers have kids?!?! MIND=BLOWN!! Lol! So what should the second generation of Avengers be called? Comment what ya think!! ;)

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