She's My Mate!

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We share a love for Draco Malfoy... Go read her harry potter fanfic Undenieable Chemistry. It's super good and she is a really good writer.

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~~~Bo's POV~~~

I could see the nerves in her eyes. From where I stood behind my father and Anton, the Beta, I could see her sandwiched between Fae and Dot, her eyes flitting around the room.

In total, there were about forty members of the pack, which was one of the biggest packs in and they were all crowded into the basement, where we held pack meetings. Almost everyone was staring at her, some confused and some curious.

My dad growled, and the chatter in the room died down to silence. "As many of you know, four days ago, some of the warriors of the pack attacked a colony of hunters to drive them out of our territory." A cheer rippled through the crowd, and my dad raised his hand to quiet them.

"During the attack, a young werewolf named Tyler was found in their cellar, where she has been captive for the last three years." A few people murmured and pointed at Tyler, and she just slid down in her seat and glued her eyes to the floor. "She has told me that she has no pack, and her entire family had died. So, technically, Tyler is a rogue."

She's no rogue, growled my wolf, she's our mate!

"After conferring with Anton, I have decided that for the time being, Tyler will stay here at the pack house. If she can prove her worth to the pack, we've agreed to accept her into the pack."

My jaw dropped. Was my dad saying there was a chance that he wouldn't accept my mate?

"Anton has agreed to train her, and we shall assess her progress in a month and decide our next move then." My dad started to address other news related to the pack, but I wasn't listening.

I had promised Tyler I would keep her safe, but after what my dad had just announced, there was apparently a possibility that I couldn't keep that promise.

Tyler had a look of shock, and she leaned over and whispered something to Dot. Dot nodded, and then Tyler got up out of her seat and rushed out of the meeting room.

Go after her! ordered my wolf angrily.

I pushed off the wall I had been leaning on, walked quickly past my dad, and stepped off the raised platform where the Alpha and Beta stood on. I hurried down the wall and up the stairs. I could feel my father's eyes following me as I went after Tyler, no doubt disapprovingly. I didn't care, and as soon as I was out of sight from the rest of the pack, I sprinted to her bedroom.

I froze just outside her bedroom. I could hear her crying, and it felt like my heart was squeezing tightly. I wanted to go and run to her, tell her everything would be fine, but my father's words stopped me.

"Let her get used to the idea of a pack and Alpha before you bombard her with you being her mate. It would only confuse and scare her."

To hell with that! roared my wolf. Our mate is hurting, and it's us who need to console her!

We can't, I thought sadly.

I had just found my mate. It hurt to not be able to tell her about our bond and to be there for her when she needed me. But it would be worse to scare her away, because then there would never be any hope for me. As desperate as I was to be with Tyler, I had the good sense to walk away and leave her be.

I'll never forgive you for this, muttered my wolf.

I slipped back downstairs to find the living rooms and kitchen swamped with people, and I guessed that the pack meeting was over. My wolf growled, reminding me that the person who had made my mate cry was my dad. Letting my wolf take over, I stormed to his office and barged inside without knocking.

"Bo, you can't ju-"

"How could you do that?" I snarled.

My dad sighed, and he glanced up at Anton, who I realized was standing across from him. "I have to think of the welfare of the pack, Bo, you know that. When you're Alpha, you'll understand."

"She's my mate, dad," I growled. "You can't just kick her out."

"I never said I would kick her out. I just need to make sure she can bring something to the pack."

"And what if she can't?" I snapped. "What is she's too damaged to help? What then?"

"You just don't understand, Bo."

"I don't need to!" Now I was shaking with anger. "I won't let you do this to my mate. I get that you lost

your mate when mom died, but I won't let you take away mine!" As soon as I made the comment about my mother, my dad jumped out of his chair.

"You will respect your Alpha!" he roared, and I backed up. Anton hurried around the desk and laid a hand on my father's shoulder. He calmed down slightly, but when he looked up at me, I could see the fury and pain in his eyes. "Leave now."

"As you wish," my eyes narrowed, and I added, "Alpha Stark."

I turned and sprinted out of the room and out of the house, past the confused eyes of my pack mates. The anger and other emotions I was feeling were building up quickly and I need to just run. As soon as I hit the tree line in the backyard, I shifted. I felt my clothes ripping apart, since I hadn't taken them off before changing, but I didn't care.

I plummeted through the trees, the occasional growl escaping my lips. I pushed myself way past my limits, and pretty soon I was running on pure adrenaline.

I could stop thinking about Tyler. The way she had looked as I carried her back to our pack house, all bruised and pale. I had been in the room when one of our pack healers had stripped her to better assess her injuries. I had seen the jagged scars on her back and known that they had been caused by silver.

The whole time I had been with her when she had been unconscious, I relived the days after my mother's death. The depression my dad had felt, the way he stopped talking to Dot and I for a while. Dot had only been five at the time, and she didn't understand why "Daddy" didn't like her anymore.

And, when Tyler had woken up and my dad told me I couldn't tell her that I was her mate, I had been crushed. Even when I had my mate, I didn't really have her.

This was going to be hard.


So this is super short, but I'm really sorry about that. I was going to write more in Tyler's POV, but i decided that that would be a lot better if it was in a seperate chapter.

I love Bo...

The pic on the side is of Dot!!! She's so stinkin' cute!

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