Chapter 1 - Meeting Them

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Hailey Anderson

"Good morning!" I said to my parents cheerly as I walked to the dining room to have breakfast

"Morning cupcake" My dad answered but his eyes stuck to his iPad , I bet he's reading news

"Morning Hailey" My mom answered and I smiled. Sitting next to my dad and start taking my bread. Don't forget nutella.. yes nutella

"You're going with me today" My dad said and I looked up to him


"Work.. I'm meeting important people today"

"Dad , I just graduated 2 days ago. Let me rest for awhile will you?" I asked as I put my nutella bread into my mouth

"I don't care , you have to come with me" He said and I pouted

"Daddy.. I'm tired. Let me have 1 week rest after that I promise I'll work" I promised and he shook his head

"No can't do princess , I want you to come with me today"

"Who is this important people?"

"7 Gold Lifes" My mom answered and my eyes widen. Oh my gosh.. when I was in business school , everyone talked about them. Literally everyone , the 7 Gold Life is like our role model. They're awesome , known as the most cruelest , demanding and coldest man in business world.

They're so famous and not to mention 2 weeks ago Max Cesantio is married to Rose Hastington a.k.a Luke's brother. 4 out of 7 settling down and there's a tons of women trying to get them but not able to reach them.

Models , actress and important people all wanted to reach them but they can't. I don't even know how Aaron can end up with Sophia.. the most ridiculous one is Sky with Janet Stanmore. Damn Janet Stanmore is a really beautiful blogger , she mocked Sky and end up marrying him.

Everyone wants to meet them in person but too bad they're so busy and no one can meet them without booking an appointment.

My dad has been in a business world for quite long and he has a furniture factory for hotels and other things. We're rich but not as rich as them , 7 Gold Lifes sure are amazing. They're still so young but already have a high status and money.

Girls adore them , I have seen their photos and they looked so handsome but some of them say that in real life they're a living god. My friend Flora seen them once.. not all of them but only Alexander and Sky with their wives.

Flora said that they all look so perfect. Alex and Sky are such a greek god and Angelia.. the famous actress is so beautiful. Janet is.. just.. a really beautiful blonde.

"Hailey" My dad called and that's where I went back from spacing out

"Yes dad?"

"You have to come with me. You're going to be my heirest so you have to learn a lot" My dad said and I nodded

"After this go take a shower because we're meeting them at the Hastington Hotel" My dad stated

"All of them? Like 7 of them?" I asked

"Yeah" My dad take a bite

"Oh damn dad! That's like everyone's dream to meet them" I squealed

"That's the point.. some of them can only meet one or two but today I'm meeting all of them. I was mind blown too but that's the fact" My dad chuckled

"They're all handsome" My mom added

"Yes mom.. i'm so excited. Before I graduated everyone's dream is to be like them and now I'm meeting them"

"I'm going to have a really big deal with them today.. a really big one and I don't know what will turn out but let's pray that they accept it" My dad said and sipped his coffee

"Dad.. There's a new LV bag , it's so beautiful and don't forget it's limited edition. Can I buy it?" I smiled widely and give him a puppy eyes

"Another bag?" My mom asked

"Yeah" I nodded

"You can have it if you can help me got the deal" He said and I nodded happily. This is gonna be fun and I can't wait to see them all.

After eating breakfast , I quickly make my way to my room. Take a really quick bath , dried my hair and curl it loosely.

Wearing a white jeans with pink soft sweater since it's a little bit chilly

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Wearing a white jeans with pink soft sweater since it's a little bit chilly. Taking my clutch and put my phone and everything in it. I put on my make up , today is simple make up.

Checking myself three times to see if I have any weird things on my body but it turns out everything is already perfect. Walking out and go downstairs to take my nude highheels

"You ready?" My dad asked

"I'm a little bit nervous" I said honestly

"Nervous why?" He asked

"I'm going to meet the most important person.. my friends role model.. the hardest person to meet and just.. everything" I said and gestured weirdly , my dad chuckled

"Relax , don't need to be nervous. I think they're wives will come too.. maybe not but you can talk to them"

"Who? Which one? Oh how I wish I can meet Angelia Selosvone" I prayed and he chuckled. My dad ruffled my hair

"I don't know who will come but let's just go"

"What time is your appointment?" I asked and take a drink


"It's still early"

"I rather wait for them because I'm the one who wants that deal" My dad said as he puts on his tie

"I'll help you get the deal" I promised

"Okay princess.. I know you can help me" He smiled

I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET THEM.. I'm so nervous and.. argh! I don't know what to do

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