No Acceptance Part 23

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26th October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV..

It didn't matter how long I opened or closed my eyes. The tears kept leaking out of them to run down the side of my face and into my hair near my ears.

I had just about remembered everything now and I just wanted to go back to sleep. It was that or die and I can't die since I couldn't move at all except my eyes and tongue.

If I was glad about one thing though, it was the damn trach tube that was down my throat that was continuing to give me air has been removed. I had to take in air on my own to get my lungs and diaphram moving on my own without assistance.

It took a few minutes, but I finally managed it. I was just glad that our lungs and diaphram move automatically when given a kick start like mine was.

So now I am sitting up a little higher in the bed with an oxygen mask over my nose and mouth thtat was feeding me the air I needed to breathe. I was looking around with my eyes to see what i could without moving my head since i couldn't anyway.

I was in a private room where you have to get passed guards on this floor before even getting to the nurses station. Then there is the security that has been organised for me as well. That was a surprise for me.

Neither were the visits not long after I woke up with The Judge and KIngsley rushing in the door across the room and were leaning over me very quickly with a smile.

I felt The Judge brush my hair out of my face as she leaned down to give me a kiss on the forehead before looking into my eyes.

" You have kept us worried for a while girl. But I'm so glad that you are now awake." She said as she gently took hold of my hand in hers and gave it a gentle squeeze.

" Yep. You have. And just in case you ask later, everything has been looked after as per your wishes." Kingsley went on to say from beside me.

I just lay there blinking at them both feeling very tired after crying for the last few hours.

" She knows." I heard Mrs Beemer say as she came up behind her friend who quickly looked back at me.

" Does she know anything else?" The Judge asked her a moment later.

" We're not too sure. She all of a sudden woke up with tears in her eyes and only just stopped a few minutes ago. But I think they will be starting again each time she wakes up." Mrs Beemer went on to say as the Judge looked back at me and leaned over trying to give me some kind of cuddle.

I just blinked at her. I did it in blinks of two's so she would know that i can communicate with her.. sort of.

She was just staring at me for a few moments when she called out for her husbands attention.

" Roger. I think she is communicating with me." She called out to him which had him coming straight back over to lean across the side of the bed and watch me.

" She can't talk. The doctors checked for that." Mrs Beemer went on to say as she leaned against the bed behind her friend.

" But she was blinking in sets of two's. I think she wants to talk." The Judge said and she's right. I do want to talk. I wannt to know things.

" If she can talk with eye recognition, we will have to record it for legal reasons. The only way for that to happen is to ask her yes and no questions. One blink for yes and two blinks for no." He said as he leaned across me and looked me in the eyes.

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