14 - Punch Him

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No way are you going with this crazy old man. You let your fist fly right at his face and it connects with his wide nose. It doesn't seem to hurt him. No one should be able to take a hit like that and not feel it. A person's nose should bleed after being hit that hard straight on. It's like he isn't even human. You realize how cold his grip is as he takes ahold of your arm. It's like icicles even through your shirt. The thought occurs to you that he may not be human at all. He starts dragging you back the other way.
     "No!" you scream, trying to fight.
     Struggling free doesn't seem likely, because his grip is unrelenting. Once you see that he's taking you back toward the barn, you scream.
     The butcher is waiting with a rotted tooth smile as you're dragged in. The old man hands you over. The big man's hands are just as strong and icy as the old man's as he takes you and slams you onto one of the huge meat hooks hanging from his ceiling. And that is where you remain until he's ready to chop you up!

 And that is where you remain until he's ready to chop you up!

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Sorry, you died.

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