To my mom

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This page is dedicated to CcaLes, my wonderful, loving mother~♡

mom: I want to thank you for all you've done. Yes, in a public announcement. On Wattpad. I love you and I want you to life a happy healthy life. God bless you. I want to say that, even if I don't act like it, I really just want you to be actually happy. Truly happy. I pray for that, and I know God will make your life so much more. this is a pretty short, but it was either summarizing everything or typing for so long that Wattpad would've glitched out. I want to thank you, mom, for being my mother, for being an awesome mother. Thank God He gave you to me, cause if i would've chosen a mother, it still would've been you. I don't have enough words to describe hoe much I love and cherish you, even if I don't act like it. I also never say this enough times, and somehow it's much easier typing this, but yes, I do love you with all my heart. You and God are my world, as well as a select few of my friends and followers. And I just want to say, God has so much more blessings than he does disappointments in store, and He will show them to you when His timing is. Remember, if you are going through a hard time: "The teacher stays quite during the test." Have faith that He knows where He's leading you. Avez foi. (Have faith.)

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