Chapter 1

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Two Weeks Ago 

"I... I'm sorry, Mr. Parker," a nurse walked up to him, "she's no longer with us." Her voice was filled with pity, but her eyes were kind. 

"I'm sorry, but I must go and attend to other patients," she apologized, quickly receding her steps and getting another couple. 

She's dead, she's dead, she's dead. Is she with Uncle Ben now? Is she happy that she left me? Why is my luck the worst? 

His eyes overflowed with tears. There was a slight tickle on his cheek as the tears broke free. He brought his knees to his chest and hugged them. The plastic chair he was sitting in was very uncomfortable, yet he didn't care. 

He didn't know how long he was there, but soon enough a man walked up to him. 

The man was in a suit, and he was tall. He had dark brown hair and green eyes. He held a clipboard firmly in his hand, a pen in the other. He had a small smile splayed on his lips. 

"Hello, I am Cole Reland. You are Peter Parker, correct?" he asked kindly. Peter looked up from his chamber, and Mr. Reland's eyes widened. 

No wonder, Peter probably looked like a wreck. 

"Y-Yes. That's me," Peter murmured. Mr. Reland's eyes lit up a small bit. 

"Wonderful," he said, sitting down in the chair next to Peter, "You are 15, from our records. Since you are under the age requirements to live on your own without a legal guardian, and you have no other living relatives, I am sorry to tell you that we will have to put you through an orphanage." 

Peter stared at the floor, nodding silently. He did not trust himself to speak again. Mr. Reland's eyes lit up a small bit, a sad smile played at his lips. 

"Great. If you would come with me, we will take you to your former home. Then you will get the stuff you want to keep and we will head to the orphanage." 

Peter could only nod. 



"Tony," Steve said, grabbing his husband's hand, pulling him forward. He bit his lip. Tony looked at Steve with an agitated glare. 

Tony's eyes softened at his husband's nervousness. He softly rubbed his thumb over the other man's knuckles. Steve gave a small smile at the gesture. 

"It's okay, Steve. We will find the one," Tony reassured. He tugged on Steve's arm, pulling him closer to the entrance of the orphanage. Finally, Steve followed to Tony's pulls. 

They walked into the building, opening the door. 

"Hi, my name is Kathy and welcome to-Holy-You're Tony Stark!" The woman at the desk exclaimed, realizing who just walked into the building. 

Tony gave her a sly smile, saying: 

"Rogers-Stark," he clarified, snaking his arm around the now flushed Steve. The attendant flushed, 

"O-Of course. Why are you here?" she asked, flipping through papers and typing words into her computer. 

"We would like to adopt," Steve said. She looked up, and smiled.

"Of course. What ages are you looking for?" Tony and Steve looked at each other, a knowing look in their eyes. 

Tony did not want a child. He did not want to babysit someone. 

Steve wanted someone who was older, because he knew that people who wanted to adopt looked for younger children. 

"Ages 13-18," Tony informed. The children were placed in the same rooms deciding on their ages and gender. 

"Boy or girl?" 

"Boy," they said in unison. 

Raising a girl would totally be hell. 

"Then follow me please," 


Soon enough they walked into a room full of boys, most of them were sitting in small groups. 

"Please, meet some boys. Please meet me outside when you are done.  Most of them are lovely people," she smiled at them teasingly and walked out of the room. 

Tony really liked the kid named Luke. 

Steve really liked the kid named Danny.  

After meeting a few kids, they noticed a boy sitting in the back with his eyes located outside. Interested, they walked to him.

"Hello," Steve said kindly, sticking his hand out, "I'm Steve, and this is my husband, Tony. What's your name?" 

Peter smiled sadly at them and shook Steve's hand. 

"Peter," the boy replied. "Though I don't think you want to adopt me." At the confused looks he got, Peter elaborated. 

"I want to get adopted, all the way. But these kids around us deserve it more. Sam, he's annoying, yeah, but he comes around. Danny, he's a saint. Seriously. And Luke's a sports fan. You should adopt one of them, they'll make your life worth while. And nice to meet you Mr. Stark, Mr. Rogers. Mr. Stark I read your paper on your A.I. Jarvis. I thought it was great."

"You understood it?" Tony gaped. Peter looked up at him.

"Of course. After all, I wasn't born yesterday." 


"I love him Steve. Can I keep him?" Tony asked immediately after they walked out of the room. Steve just smiled fondly at him.

"I like him, too," Steve agreed. 

They walked up to the desk, smiling at the woman. 

"Find the one?" she asked, typing information onto her computer. 

What is she even typing? 

Steve and Tony shared a glance, and they nodded at each other. Kathy nodded, smiling.

"Name please?" she asked, typing on the computer, most likely trying to find the information of the children.


She stopped typing and looked up are them. When they gave her a questioning glare, she elaborated: 

"Peter's...uh... Aunt passed away two weeks ago. Amazingly talented boy. He loves science, and the most secretive boy here. He won't talk to anyone about his past. He's definitely hiding something," she looked off, thinking to herself. Soon enough, she looked at them with an intense gaze. "Maybe you can crack the code. Here's the paperwork." She handed them a stack of papers. 

"Now you have to fill these out."

Tony groaned in frustration. 


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