Chapter 17

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Heyo! So sorry this chapter is so short, make sure to read the end to know why 😬❤️

Liza- "Um. I-I want to break up"
The hole room fell silent, while he just look at me in anger and confusion.
Melvin- "You what?!" He suddenly threw his beer bottle at the wall just behind me, barely missing my face.
Liza- "Pl-please just let me go" I said with tears running down my face.
Melvin- "Shut up!" He said then grabbed my wrist then pushing me up against a wall.
Melvin- "You where a bitch anyways" he then slapped me and pushed me out the apartment throwing all my things out after me.

I lay there on the floor crying, with blood dripping from my cheek.

*End of flashback*

I'm get out my car which is parked in front of Starbucks, I walk in and see him sitting there. My stomach turns, but I still walk over there, to him.
Melvin- "Hey, I'm glade you came" he went to go into a hug but I pushed him back.
Liza- "What do you want Melvin?"
Melvin- "Well I wanted to talk-"
I cut him off before he could say anything else.
Liza- "Talk? About what? Us? Because there is no 'Us', we are over. I'm engaged to a wonderful, caring, gorgeous, loyal man and I'm having a baby. So stay out of my life Melvin."
I turn around to walk out and I see David. I freeze and don't know what to do.
He grabs my hand and we walk out, we both get in the car.
Liza- "I'm sorry"
David- "Please don't be sorry" He held my hand tighter and kissed my forehead.
We drove home and I told him out Melvin.

We watched some movies and started to plan out some of the wedding.

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