A Shocked Awakening. Part 22

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26th October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

I could hear a little more now that I was staying alert just a little longer now so I was very surprised to hear that Jack and Jen were an item.

I didn't see that coming and I wonder who else didn't either?

If I could laugh about it, I would. Jack doesn't stand a chance with Jen. She's a really bossy bit of goods. I know it because I have been on the other end of it getting bossed my her.

But I undulged her since she made me smile alot. Her and Barb,

So I imagine that Jack would be copping it left right and centre from her when she wants something. So I chuckled in my mind over them. Much Like I hear Mrs Beemer chuckle and Jack's dad, Mr Nolan.

He, Mr Nolan, still comes nearly all the time and sits down beside me and after taking my hand in his, he starts chatting away about all sorts of things to me from the fish him and Jack caught to the family of foxes that come up to the house to swipe the cat's food which had been left outside.

If I could smile, I would. Then I would listen to him talking to whoever else it was that was in the room at the time.

If I could frown, I would have frowned at one particular chat he was having with the Kingsley's about my house. It had something to do with my fathers lawyers who had been making trouble for me until the KIngsley's stepped in and sorted them all out.

But from what I now gather, my house is no longer mine anymore.

Everything has been moved into storage and the house sold. But what was really a surprise was that i wasn't that upset about it. I'll talk to the KIngsley's more when I'm able to.

But I wasn't too worried about it or anything else at the moment.

I was just enjoying the fact that i was more alert with each waking moment and the conversation I could hear around me.

Which amused me. You don't really know what people think about you until they start talking about you when they think you can't hear them. If I could laugh about it, I would.

But they'll know when I can tell them.

On the flip side, you also get to hear things you wished you didn't.

Like the fact that it was another beating from my father that put me in here. A beating I couldn't remember for the life of me.

It must have been a good one too considering how bad I am at the moment and for how long I have been here I think.

I wonder how old I was now?

There were so many questions rushing through my mind that went unanswered. Like the fact that Mr Nolan was very affectionate towards me. I don't know how I felt about that.

He was Jacks dad.

I know how good looking he is. I'm not blind nor am I dead either. The damn man was a walking baby maker with how good looking he was and I wasn't the only one who noticed it either.

He was often seen out and about with some pretty lady on his arm. I think one of them was dad's old fiance, Amelia Pageant.

Now she was one stuck up bitch of a lady who ran for the hills when she eventually found out that not all of what she saw at our home was actually dads. More than half of it was mine and she didn't like it.

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