She watched me watch her, a cocky grin taking her lips as her tongue played with the sucker. "Hey, DeAndre."

I lifted my eyes to hers. "'Sup?"

She grinned. The peach colored sucker coated her lips but not her teeth. She knew how to do it without them touching the sucker. Talk about talent.

Draya crossed her legs, her short skirt exposing how long and toned they were. "I hear you're throwing a party in a few weeks."

"Chris is, I'm just supplying the location."

Around and around she twirled the sucker on the tip of her tongue, before taking it into her mouth and sucking on it.

It was erotic watching her enjoy the simple candy, but yet it wasn't entirely doing it for me. Draya had it, but she didn't need to be doing tongue tricks—not that I minded—to get my attention. She had had it for months.

"Can I come?" she asked in a voice that held more meaning than the question really called for.

"When have you ever missed one of our parties?"

Draya smiled. "Things seem...different now."

"How so?"

"I heard you're seeing that one girl."

My jaw twitched uncomfortably. "Cree?"

Draya nodded, playing coy as if she hadn't known Cree all that well. "Yeah, that's the one. I mean, I do see y'all together a lot."

Her mouth was better when she had the sucker in it.

Draya knew Cree wasn't her competition. Cree was just my best friend, far above the likes of being on Draya's level where I just wanted to see what that box was like.

"I'm with my boys a lot as well," I countered. "Cree's the homie, as is Troiann."

Draya looked past me and her upper lip curled up at the sight of Troiann. "Since when does DeAndre Parker have girl friends?"

Since I found Cree Jacobs interesting and Troiann Nguyen was cool enough to kick it with. She wasn't sensitive and she could take it and deliver it. Cree was smart enough to carry a conversation and neither of them were really into us for our image or "wealth."

"Since I do whatever the fuck I want."

If it were too harsh she didn't let it register on her face. "Anyway, I'm hoping this party is gonna be a banger."

"Chris is throwing it, expect the unexpected. We might see some barn animals and shit."

Draya laughed. "He is a wild boy. Do you like to get wild, Dre?"


There was a twinkle in Draya's eye as she placed the sucker back in her mouth. From behind her, her friend leaned over and tapped her shoulder and whispered something in her ear and they began to carry a conversation.

A nudge from my right drew my attention to Tremaine.

"Just get some head, Dre, it ain't worth it." He looked over at Draya and back to me. "Some girls you fuck and others you just fuck in the mouth."

A few months of thinking of Draya just to get some head? What a waste that would be. "Jealous?"

He smirked. "She fine but she ain't that fine. There are other girls in this school who can give her a run for her money."

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