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Note: This book will only have one pov. And that's Reds. Ok.

I look at the ceiling. Wondering how I got here. In this new bed. New room. New hallway. New house. New street. New town. New state. New life. New everything. New York. To Washington.

I guess it was because dad. He got a new job. One he hates. Not the old one. He loved it. Like my mom loved staying home. But now since the house costs a lot. She has to work to. But she's a teacher.

I live with my mom,Dad,and sisters. Ella and Danny. Twins. Me my names Mich.....Red. Yea. And I make mistakes. Honestly. I lie. But one question I ask a lot of people. Can you keep a secret. But no. They can't. And everyone asks me. Can you love. No. I can't. Well I never been in love.

I hear a knock. "Come in"I said. I guessed who it was. That was my game. But I never won. It was my little sister Ella. "Mom said go to bed. It's school tomorrow "she said. Adding some sass. I nodded. "Mich....Red it's not your fault. Danny will get over it"she said.

"I did"she added. I nodded. "Night"she said. "Night"I said back. She turned the lights off and closed the door. I looked at my clock.


Of course my mom wants me to go to bed. I look at my ceiling again. Ella's words replay in my head

She will get over it. I did.
Danny will get over it.
It's not your fault

I never got over the fact. That we moved because of .......that stupid job offer for Dad. But he said everything will be fine. He always does.


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