Chapter 8

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Y/n's POV:
      Slender was looking down at me "so I saw that you met Toby" he "said", "uh yeah" I said my face heating up a tiny bit. "And how do you like the mask?" He said tilting his head "I like it but you do know I can't stay here right?" I said awkwardly. He looked at me blankly "last time I checked killers aren't welcome to the people especially people who kill so brutally,am I correct? He said calmly. "But..." I looked around me and stopped to look at the bloody machete, " with that out of the way come downstairs to meet the others" he said before teleporting away. Others?? Yea remember what I told you it's you again who else is here? Others like you, killers now you probably should go downstairs I sighed and grabbed my machete and put it in my hoodie pocket so just the handle stuck out. I then went out my bedroom door, I looked at the hall wow this is a lot of doors I thought walking down the hall. Each of the door had different designs like one had blood splatters and knives sticking out of it and another door was pink and had flowers on it.

Reaching the stairs I climbed down the stairs carefully, getting to the bottom I met with slender and I met everyone's eyes. "Everyone I want to introduce you guys to the new creepypasta, so don't try and kill her,now go ahead and introduce yourself" his voice boomed around the whole room "my name is C/n(creepypasta name)" I said not wanting to say my real name,some greeted me and others gave me a slight acknowledgment. I then took in everyone's faces and well I was freaked out but I remained calm, "now introduce yourself everyone". I heard a frustrated sigh "my name is Jeff the killer but just call me Jeff" a man said, his face was white and had big non blinking eyes but what I noticed most was the big cut smile. "I'm Jane" a lady in a black dress and a black and white mask? said. "Clockwork" a girl said a clock for an eye and she rolled her other eye, that's when I noticed Toby holding her hand. My heart dropped, what was I expecting I don't like him anyway right? "I'm sally" I heard a sweet voice say, looking down a little girl in a pink dress looked up at me with a bright smile. I lifted my mask to my nose and smiled at her, putting back down the mask the next person went
*time skip*

By now the last 2 people introduced themselves, masky and hoodie I looked at them more closely. Then it all came back to meThem! They were there and are my stalkers and worst of all they knocked out my best friend "ok everyone you can leave" slender said loudly. Everyone scattered including masky and hoodie I'm not letting them get away that easy I followed them until we reached a hallway, quickly I pulled out my machete and grabbed the hooded one and put it up to his throat. He helped and the other one spun around quickly, "why were you guys stalking me?!" I asked angrily. "It was our job to make sure you were safe" masky said with a hint of anger in his voice "who do you think saved you from that disgusting pig who was going to take you" he continued. After he said that I felt a little bad but it quickly changed when I remembered one of them hitting my friend with a pipe to knock him out, "where is my friend? I swear if you killed him" I growled. This time hoodie answered "if you calm down we will lead you to him" he quietly said, sighing I let him go and he rubbed his throat. They looked at each other and walked down the hall me following, after a while of walking we reached a door that has blood pooling from under the door. They opened the door and I heard masky whisper "looks like Jeff got to him", hearing the panic in his voice I pushed past them and I saw what was like a torture room and Jason tied to a chair bruised and bloody with a smile carved into his face it looks like he was barley alive.


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