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Chapter I part I:Escaping

OKAY,so the whole idea thing wasn't working out very well.First thing is,even though I have 20/20 vision,I don't have superpowers or nightvision eyes.So I couldn't find the door and kept on tripping over things.Like that is going to help.No,it just made it harder...and painful.

I rubbed my chin and my elbow for the tenth time.Seriously,what is in this room? A whole bunch of crates of dynamite?! 

You know,sometimes I find myself completely stupid,because I just happen to have a light source with me.Not a very strong one,but still usable anyways.By now,I think you should now what I'm talking about? No? Well,the answer cellphone.I flipped it open and groan in desperation.

Oh great! Just when I needed it most,it goes "Low battery! Low battery!"Oh,shut up!

"Stupid phone!"I scolded it angrily.Before the battery died,I saw a door straight ahead and walked towards it.Then boom.

Complete darkness."Whoa!"I exclaimed and tripped over something...again.

"Owww,"I moan in pain quietly and got up quickly.By now,those guys would have probably heard all the noise and would come and check things out.Oh goodie! A part of my plan i working! Now,I just have to go with the flow.

                                                          @                   @                   @

Just like I had predicted,moments later the sound of footsteps hurrying down a few flight of stairs made its way towards the room and I couldn't help but snicker.

When the man opened this tiny circle-ish thing outside,it let in a straight beam of light in.Oh,it's a peep hole,I though in realisation.Now then...

I banged at the door,pretending to moan and groan."Please! Please let me out! I feel sick! I think I've got sea sick! Please! I think I'll die in here!!"I pleaded.He seemed unconvinced,so I banged the door again,only this time,I banged it lots of times.This only made the guy outside irritated and angry.

He banged back from the other side of the door and growled.I swear the whole room shook from that hit.I immediately shut up.Oh,but that doesn't mean I gave up.Oh no,I am sooo NOT giving up.I'll do everything I can to get out of this dreadful place!

So,this time I tried a different tactic."Okay,I lied,I don't feel sick and I don't have seasick.But I am hungry!! Please,can't I have some food and water?"I say,being completely honest.What?I've been in a ship in a locked,dark,stinking room for hours without air,food or water! And miraculously I'm still alive!

The guy grunt and left,forgetting to close the peep hole.I couldn't hold myself back.I peeped through it and saw a clean and polished deck.Whoa! And what is that? A swimming pool? Oh my crackers,they even have a flat-screen TV?! (not that I've never seen one,since I live in fame).Awesome!!

What is wrong with me?

A part of me slapped me across the face inside,another part of me kept on gawking at all the richness outside.

What are you doing?! Less admiring more thinking!"said the good me.

Aw,come on! She's on a ship with all these richies and bling blings and stuff! Let her stay! Give her a break!"the bad me scolded good me.

Then it stopped.A different guy came this time,bringing a tray of food.Perfect,just perfect! I thought in glee."OH!"I exclaimed then dropped down,praying hard he didn't see me and that he would do just what i hoped was going to happen.


Yes! That's it! My lips form into a thin smile as the door swung open.Revealing a guy in his mid-twenties,he was short,scrawny and paled-face.His eyes had bags under them and he was wearing a baggy overall,a t-shirt inside and an old dirty cap placed on his shaggy dirty hair.Not to mention,he was so thin,I could almost make him snap in two if I had tried.

I breathed in then let it out.Then I gave him a good punch in the face,making him dropped unconscious.I ran off then stopped.Quickly,I ran back,grabbed the didn't-touch-the-floor food and water and said a quick"Sorry!"to the guy.Hey,I wasn't exact;y a bad person.And I only did that out of defense for living.Plus,that's the first time I actually punched someone,for real as in not when I'm practicing kicks and punches in my Judo and Karate lessons.And he was innnocent,he didn't do anything wrong! All he did was bring me food and water.

I sighed and continued running.Looking around for the exit.Good,no one was on deck and the coast seems clear.Guess they must be sleeping.

I spoke to soon.Bam! Bam!

The shooting started and I scramble to take cover behind something.What's not great is that the shooting is aimed at  you.If this was a movie I was suppose to act in or something,then I would have strangled the darn director for not warning me about using guns with the fake bullets.Even if they're fake,they still hurt.

Except that this isn't a movie.This is real.The bullets are real.All of this is reality.

The ship stopped moving,almost reaching the port."Agh!"I scream in annoyance.They probably stopped the ship because they knew I was going to excape once we reached port.Well,that's exactly what I'm going to do.I took a bite of my food,gulped down some water and dived into the sea,swimming to the shore with much effort.

I know I'm suppose to like,wait a couple of minutes before going in the water after eating.But this is a critical situation! It's a matter of life and death! Right now,I could have been dead! A bullet shot right through my heart for all  I know.I shuddered at the thought and shake my head,focuing on reaching the shore.

I finally surfaced.Gasping for air,I quickly got up,knowing that now,the ship is going twice its original spped to reach me.

I ran and ran with all the streangth I had left,not even stopping to look back for fear they might already be tailing me.My limbs started to hurt and all my muscles were failing.But I forced myself to keep running.I just have to.

I looked for a place to hide,giving up on running.

There! That place looks good and safe enough! I hurriedly went over and scrambled in.I slumped my back against the door.My body shaking of fear and my heart punding like a million horses were galloping in it!

Suddenly,a shadow loomed,making it slightly dark.I looked up and screamed my lungs out."Aaaahhhh!!!"

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