Chapter 12- catch up

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Joe's POV
I climbed off the bed.
"Ellie? You can't be real?" I broke down
"Joe." She ran to me and embraced me in a hug.
I cried into her curled light brown hair, the hair of the person I never thought I'd see again.

"How?" I asked getting up and sitting back in the bed next to Niomi.
"I heard you all leave at the hospital, after the doctor turned off the machine. I fought, I breathed on my own. The doctors rushed me off, they said it was 'a miracle'. The doctors didn't want to tell you as they didn't think I would survive. I got stronger, eventually I was strong enough to be discharged. I came straight home. I wanted to see my babies and my boy." Ellie began to cry.

"Who did I burry, who is lying in your grave?" I asked
"I don't know, the doctors didn't tell me that. All I know is I'm here alive, Joe it's me. We can be a family again." Ellie said
"I.. i.. I can't, the kids, they've only just got over grieving for you. Olivia went to  school for the first time without you. Mason has began to sleep back in his own bed, he slept with me as he had nightmares. Freddie has stopped asking for you constantly. Ellie, you can't be here. It'll confuse them. They think your dead, everyone thinks your dead. It's been 2 months without you Elle." I added
"Joe, please. Their my kids too, my baby Lexi, little Mason, gorgeous Freddie and our princess Olivia. I need them, it's broke me not seeing them for a month. I can't live without them. " she began. "I see you've moved in quickly, Marcus' girl. Really Joe. I though you wasn't like that."

"How could you think that? Think so low of me. Niomi and Marcus broke up months ago, I've began to move on from you Ellie. Come on, we're coping fine on our own. You need to leave Elle, please before the kids wake up and see you." I said, I hugged Niomi from behind. "Were all happy, say your goodbyes and leave, Ellie please don't make this difficult."

"No, Joe, please. Don't do this. I love the bones of them kids, every single last detail. Joseph Graham Sugg, I love you too much to leave you. Please don't make me." Ellie cried more.

"I can't be dealing with this now Ellie, say goodbye to the kids and leave, please I've already said don't make it difficult. I loved you Ellie, I've moved on." I got off the bed and walked over to lexi's cot, I pulled out the sleeping baby.
"Here's Lexi, say goodbye and go" I added. Ellie leant into my arms and kissed the top of Lexi's head.
"My little princess, Mummy loves you." Ellie whispered into her soft brown hair.

I walked over to the door and opened it, keeping Lexi in my arms. We walked down the hall way to Olivia's room, I pushed open the door. She stayed asleep.
"Say goodbye." I told Ellie, she walked over to her bed and kissed the top of her head, she repeat what she said to Lexi and walked out the room. I followed her into the boys room. She kissed both their heads.
"I love you two, you are both amazing little boys." She said before leaving, we walked down the stairs and through the front room to the door.
I opened it, she walked outside.
"I'm sorry Ellie, ring me. Maybe we can sort something out." I said into the dark night before shutting the door.

I walked back into the front room and sat down in the couch.
"Why.." I began to cry looking at Lexi in my arms.
I heard the creeky step go. I turned around,
"Niomi.. I'm so..sorry" she came and sat down next to me, she pulled me into her arms.
"Joseph Sugg, in here for you no matter what. I love you remember." She kissed my forehead.
My eyelids began to get heavy, i closed them for a second. Hoping to reopen them, but sleep took over and I was swallowed up into dream land.

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