Chapter 8

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I was just about to get into the car to go to Austins when I heard my phone ring
I pulled it out of my back pocket and looked at the called ID
It was an unknown number
I answered it
"Hello?" I said wondering who was there
"Cody? It's Jason" I heard a voice say
"I have nothing to say too you!" I said and just as I was about to hang up Jason spoke again
"No wait don't ham up please
Casseys in the hospital!" He said
"W-why? What happened?" I said concerned
"Austin and Darren"
"Darren?!" I said
Darren and I were always close until about a year ago and then we kind of drifted apart we were still friends but we weren't as close as we were
"Yeah, they beat her pretty bad" he said
"I'll be there in 2 minutes what hospital?" I said jumping into my car
"St. Jeremy's" he said
"Okay I'll be there soon"


I ran into the hospital and went to the room
I saw Cassey sitting up in her bed
I ran in and kissed her on the cheek
"Hey Case!" I said happy to see her again
"Hey Jason" I said quieter
"Hey Cody bear" she said using the name she has for me
I smiled and held her hand kneeling on the bed next to her
"I love you" I said kissing her hand
"I love you too Cody" she said smiling
I smiled and stared into her beautiful eyes
"You can take her home Cody" Jason said sitting in the chair looking sad
"Really?!" I said surprised
"Yes, I wanted to take her back to you but I was afraid of what Austin would do" he said looking at the ground
I went over to him and gave him a bro hug
"Thanks man" I said as I patted his back
"I'm gonna go call the cops" Jason said before he left
"Your gonna get Austin arrested?" I asked
"Yeah" he smiled and walked away


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