Chapter 12

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[Broken heart can be stitched not fixed; scars will remain forever.]


Ji Won lazily, with a slumped posture sat on the seat. His tired and dull face, his poker faced look and numb body. He sipped his smoothie silently, in the midst of a busy world. His eyes looking here and there, looking at all the unfamiliar strangers.

Having a break from the hospital for two days could've been relaxing to any other doctor of the world. But to him, it meant more stress since he had no distractions.

When Ji Won was little, he didn't like the fact that his father would barely come home, but then his mother told him, "You dad is helping someone who needs it, he saves people."

"Like a hero?" Ji Won recalled, asking his mother with a cute lisp on his tone.

"Yes, sweetheart, like a hero. Aren't you lucky to have someone like that as your dad?"

And he decided then and there, he wanted to become a hero just like his dad. He wanted to be a savior.

Big dreams for a young mind but it was accomplished by the boy. Ji Won had become a very successful and a top doctor in the whole of Korea, well known for his expert medical work.

"Can I get a strawberry smoothie?" A voice asked the employee that was managing the orders. The known voice made him look up and his eyes met Seung Jun's. Seung Jun got flustered, receiving his drink; the male left the shop in hurry.

Ji Won hurried outside the shop and got a hold of the male's wrist. Seung Jun glared at the latter, "Leave me alone, Ji Won."

The simply stated comment didn't budge Ji Won and in that moment, the doctor wasn't sure of why he was even holding the wrist of his ex. "Are you free?" Ji Won asked, making the other one quite shocked at the question.

Seung Jun squirmed uncomfortably under the touch and was weirded out by the question, "" His small and feeble voice mumbled.

"Can we hang out?" The doctor ignored the last answer and continued asking. Seung Jun had had enough and he yelled at the boy, "Claire is waiting for me!"

These words made the grip on the hand get looser and the male snapped his wrist out of Ji Won's grip. Ji Won smiled weakly, and turned around. And suddenly his legs were not supporting him anymore and he stumbled on his foot.

Seung Jun grabbed him before he would had actually hit the floor. His cold glare and steel seething voice was still there, "Have you seen yourself?" He snapped at the doctor, "You are supposed to be taking care of your patients, you can't do that if you become a patient yourself."

Seung Jun's voice turned soft in an instant as he said, "Come with me." The male grabbed the other one and dragged him outside to his car. Being the gentleman he had always been, Seung Jun opened his car and put Ji Won inside the passenger seat.

Ji Won's eyes were barely open. His tiredness visible on his face, he felt his ex come closer to him. Seung Jun did the seatbelt of the passenger seat and shut the door behind him, sighing. His face grew hotter and redder, the velocity of his heartbeat was faster than a cheetah could've ever ran.

He looked back at the ex-boyfriend of his and melted at the sight of extreme sexiness. Despite his messy hair, pale face and droopy eyes, he looked beautiful, nevertheless.

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