CHAPTER 57: Oak Hill Internship

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I saw the dirty blonde guy ripping Jade's shirt off.

I quickly looked away and covered my mouth.


-"Stuart please!", I heard her scream.

The guy looked back at me.

-"Go away freak", he groaned, trying to take Jade's clothes off. Okay, this is unbearable.

-"Stop!", I said, pushing him off of her. Maybe the anger made me stronger. How did I push him off so easily?

-"What the fuck dude? Who are you? Wait for your turn!", he chuckled.


I swung a fist over his face, leaving him with a bloody lip and nose.

-"Get out of here!", I yelled, hitting him. He tried to cover himself with his arms.

I hastily carried him out of the apartment and threw him into the hall.

-"Don't you dare!", I groaned.

I feel like Hulk or something, wow.

I closed the door and turned around to find Jade covered with her blanket and sobbing into it.

-"Are you alright?", I asked.

-"Yeah...", she cried.

Of course she's not alright.

-"What was that though? Who is he?", I asked.

-"He is Joe.. He stalks me.", I said.

-"But you haven't reported him to the police?", I asked.

-"Yeah... God knows how he came here", I said.

Logical. The police will always sentence a stalker to stay away from the victim.

But if he is reported to a mad house or something, he will not be out of there untill he's... Normal.

-"Wait here okay? I'll go get a book my mum has. It has many numbers, and one of them will get you out of this mess", I said.

She nodded and I got up and walked towards the door.

I took a last glance at her. She was trembling.

I walked out and the guy was gone I hurriedly rushed down the stairs and quickly got the book.

I ran back to Jade's apartment and got the phone, taking a last glance and smiling at her recieving a smile from her.

-"Oak Hill Internship, how can we help you?", a woman said.

I told her the case and explained everything to her.

-"We're professionals, there is nothing to worry about. We'll be there in an hour, please tell us the address", the woman said.

I told her the address and she told me there was nothing to worry about once again.

-"Thank you", I said.

-"No problem. Thank you for preffering us.", she said and hung up.

-"Who did you call?", Jade asked.

-"An internship", I said.

She sighed of relief and smiled.

-"Thank you so much", she said.

-"You're welcome. Can I help you on something else?", I asked.

-"Yeah, um... Can you plase get me my phone from the main room? it's on the bed", she said, frowning and touching her forehead.

-"Okay", I said. I went to the room and found the undone bed.

Both pillows were sunken into the middle, as if they were sleeping cuddled together and just got out of the bed.

...I'm jelous.

I looked around the room and found Jade's phone on a night table. I went to pick it up and accidentally hit it with my fingers, letting it fall to the ground.

-"Damn it, you idiot", I said to myself.

I bent down to pick it up and found something that looked like...


-"Stuart?", Jade called from the living room. I jumped up and picked up the phone.

-"Found it!", I said.

I walked towards her and gave her the phone.

[Jade's POV]

I grabbed the phone and thanked Stuart.

I quickly typed a text for Harry.

to Harryㅡ Babyboy, I miss and need you.. Joe came here again, I don't know how but he tried to take my clothes off and it was just... Scary. But I'm fine, Stuart came by and saved me. Don't worry though. I just wanted to inform you. I love you xo"

I was about to send it but I felt like I shouldn't. It would make Harry get awfully worried.

Plus, I'm fine now and I know Joe will never come back into my life again. Hopefully.

I deleted the message and decided I should just tell him when he's back.

I put the phone down and looked at Stuart. He wasn't directly looking at me. Actually, he seemed to be avoiding eye contact.

He was sitting on his knees infront of me. I was still on the floor wearing a ripped tanktop.


I quickly covered mysdlf eith the blanket and stood up. He stood up too and scratched the back of his neck again.

-"I should go now. My mum must be waiting. She looked at me weirdly when I took the book out of her drawer", he said.

-"Okay", I said.

-"Bye, take care", he said.

-"Bye", I said, following him towards the door and saying goodbye once again.

I suddenly heard screams from the window.

I walked towards it and opened the window to find a white van that had Oak Hill Internship printed on it.

Then, there was Joe Black. The stalker who was also sentenced to stay away from me.

Of course the police was stupid enough to let him stay in the same building.

I enjoyed as Joe was being taken (or carried) into the van. He was shrieking and struggling, and for some reason he was shirtless.

Then I saw Tasha running outside and trying to stop the big guys from taking him.

... Is she wearing her bra only?

I frowned and shook my head.

I quickly put on the jacket on the hanger and picked up the keys.

I realizes the sleeves were hanging on my arms. It was oversized or it was Harry's.

I went into the elevator and looked at myself in the mirror walls.

Apparently, the jacket was Harry's. His soft scent was left there.

I think I'm going to wear it a lot.

I wrapped it across my body and crossed my arms. The elevator opened and I felt the cool breeze take over me.

I frowned and walked towards the main door and found some guards and the big men.

Then I saw Tasha trembling in the waiting room, sitting on a couch.

-"Tasha", I said, approaching and sitting down beside her. As much as I didn't want to, I lent her Harry's coat for her to cover herself.

-"Jade..", she whispered.

-"Everything is okay now. Joe will be away for a long time and will not be back untill he's... Sane", I said.

-"Everything is getting worse Jade, I'll die when he gets back from the mad house. He'll never be sane", she said, her bloodshot blue eyes looking straight into me.

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