1. Searching

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A/N Hi guys. Sorry I've been missing from action in the past. It was kinda hard for me to get into this first chapter. I hope you guys like it:)) This one goes out (once again) to the talented and amazing JenniMRose I wanted to congratulate her! My wattpad bestie has won a watty for her stellar book: Blind Spot!!! I'm so proud of her, it was totally deserved!!

„Mist, tell me. I swear to the devil I'll strangle you if you don't." Nick glared at Mistrael. She had finally cornered him in the study, where he had been busy playing on the brand new PS4 Jay had installed a day ago. Mist had been avoiding her these past few days, never giving her an answer to her questions about David's whereabouts. But she was putting an end to that. Right now.

The zephyr just shrugged and leaned to the side, trying to look past her at the screen. "If he wanted you to know, you would."

She walked into his line of sight. "Dammit Mist, I need to know, just bloody tell me already!"

The frustrating male grunted, flung the controller on the couch, got up and started to walk from the room. 

"Don't you dare walk away from me," Nick growled.

"Tough. Try to stop me then," He said over his shoulder.

Nick surged forward and pushed the zephyr against a wall, she brought her face close to his and hissed. "I need to find him, I need to set things right. He might be in danger, or don't you care about that?"

He snorted. "Oh, so you care? Since when, Nick? And, more importantly, how long is it gonna last?" Mist's blue eyes pierced her, as did his words.

"I will always care. You better remember that."

Mist cocked his head to the side. "Really Nick? Because you could have fooled me. I'm tired of seeing you push him around, and by the way; don't you think it's a little too late now?"

Nick growled and flashed him her growing fangs. Mist just glared at her, unimpressed. Granted, the guy was a badass and brought the word intense to a whole new level, but was she losing her touch? "Don't you think I know that? It might be too late for me, but I can try. And while I'm at it, I can watch his back. Somehow I doubt he left for Bora Bora to lounge on the beach." She shook him by his shoulders. "Come on, I know he told you where he went."

Mist's glare softened a fraction as he mustered her. Calculating. There was always a subtle heat in his expression, the heat of anger that simmered within him. Always. Right now, Nick topped that anger by a long shot. "Are you sure about this? Cause if I tell you and you just fuck around again I'll kick your ass."

Nick knew that he was dead-serious about that. She also knew that she deserved it. Heck, she deserved a royal ass-kicking for letting it come this far. "I'm sure."

Mist nodded once, his lips a grim line. "He's in the mountains."

Nick raised a brow. "Hiking?"

"No. He's in the mountains."

Her hands fell down as fear hit her like a punch to the gut. "Are you fucking serious? And you let him? What kind of friend are you?"

"It's his home." Mist scowled at his feet. "And I didn't know. He called me when he landed and told me, the idiot. I'm of half a mind to get over there and drag him back here." The zephyr clenched his jaw and balled his fists. "Said he wants to find his family and see what they're up to."

"What will happen if they catch him?" Nick asked, her voice suddenly very frail.

"I don't know. He has never talked about the shadow coven with me. I only know that it's the last place he wants to be. He has been fidgety since Anette arrived here."

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