Chapter 11- appearance

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Joe's POV
"Right, come on. Bath time." I said chasing Freddie and Mason around the couch. I ran the opposite way , grabbed them both and tuck them upstairs to the bathroom.
I undressed them and placed them in the bubble bath. The splashed each other and messed about. I washed their hair and got them out. I carried them both in cosy towels to their room.
I sat them both on their beds while I got their pyjamas out.
I changed Mason into his blue onesie and Freddie in his batman pyjamas.
I sent them downstairs to Niomi, who was sat watching tv with Lexi on her knee.
I followed the boys downstairs and tuck Lexi off Niomi. I bathed her with Olivia and got them changed. Olivia wore her princess pyjamas and Lexi was in a plain white babygrow.
I carried them both downstairs, where we sat and watched a film.
I took Lexi into the kitchen where I made her a bottle up. I carried her and the bottle up to bed.
I lied down on the bed and pulled her on to my lap, I started to feed her to he bottle.

Niomi's POV
"Come on guys, bed time. Let's leaved daddy and Lexi alone, I'll put you to bed. He can come give you a kiss later, okay." I said to the kids who were sat on the couch.
We ran up the stairs and into their bedrooms. I walked into Freddie and Mason's blue and white bedroom. I sat between their beds and began to read a story.
They both fell asleep within 5 minutes. I pulled the covers over them both and kissed their foreheads, before turning off the lamp and shutting the door.
I walked into Olivia's room, she was sat up in bed looking into a picture book.
"Hey, do you want me to read it to you?" I asked her.
"Yes please Nimmy." Olivia replied handing over the book.
I read it to her, she fell asleep. I pulled the duvet over her little body and kissed her head. I walked out the room, turning the light out and shutting the door.

I walked back into Joe's room. He was sat with Lexi in his arms, humming to her. I stood in the doorway and watched him. He was so beautiful and such a good dad.
"Hey you, how long you been stood there." Joe asked
"Not long, " I walked further into the room and sat down next to him,"you two were having a moment so I left you." I said back to him.
"Aw, is Nimbobs jealous." Joe chuckled
"No." I said kissing him on the cheek, "I've put the kids to bed for you, their all asleep. They went out as fast as a light." I said.
"I'll just go check on them and say goodnight." He passed Lexi into my arms and walked off down the hall.
I rocked her in my arms, she drifted off to sleep.
I moved her out of my arms and laid her in the bed. I quickly got changed into my pyjamas and laid down in the bed.
I pulled Lexi close to me under the covers.
Joe walked back in, looking very smug.
"Hey beautiful," he said kissing my head. He scooped up Lexi, being careful not to knock her and placed her into the cot.
He rejoined me in bed.
"Nimbobs, I really like you. No, I love you." Joe began

???'s POV
It's good to be home. I walk up to the door, unlock and open it. It looked just like home, Joe's stuff everywhere, Freddie's toys lying about the floor, Olivia's princess dresses piled up in the corner, Mason's pile of cushions in the Sam position in front of the tv and Lexi's bottles and dummies everywhere.
I heard Joe talking to someone upstairs, Zoe and Alfie must be over. I walked up the same familiar staircase, I avoid the creeping step half way up.
I look into Mason and Freddie's room, they were both sleeping peacefully.
I pass Olivia's room she was also asleep.
I got closer to the last room straight in front of me, I heard his voice.
"No, I love you. I didn't think I'd find anyone after Ellie but I found you." I heard Joe say to someone

Joe's POV
"No, I love you. I didn't think I'd find anyone after Ellie but I found you." I said to Niomi.
She leaned in and our lips connected. I put my arms around her waist. Pulling her slowly toward me.
"Joe.." I heard a familiar voice say.
I pulled away from Niomi.
"You can't be real, I'm just imagining you. Your dead, I watched them turn you machine off, I grieved for you, I buried you at your funeral. You can't be here. No.."

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