part 3

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A slammed door was the sound heard all through the house as Nevaeh entered her room. She didn't want to have anything to do with Enoch. He was a cold hearted boy with more warmth in an icicle and if her old loop was anything to go by, she should stay a million miles away from any boy.

"Why him?" She groaned while flopping on to her bed.

She didn't leave her room for the remainder of the evening in fear that she may go in search of Enoch, or anyone for that matter, and throttle them.

She woke up the next morning in the same position she fell asleep in, a ball. Her knees were stiff from being hugged to her chest and her arms ached from being wrapped tightly around herself.

She felt upset about her display last night and couldn't bring herself to go downstairs to breakfast or lunch. Even after Hugh repeatedly coming up to her door and asking for her.

As dinner time approached, Nevaeh heard a knock at her door.

"Nevaeh dear, please come down to the study with me for a moment." she heard Miss Peregrine's voice come through the partially cracked door.

After a few moments of not answering, Nevaeh hoped that the bird had went away.

"That was not optional Miss May."

And with that Nevaeh opened the door, only to receive a hug from Miss Peregrine.
After a brief walk to the study Miss Peregrine led Nevaeh inside and shut the door.

"Now child, I think you and I need to have a talk."

"About what" Nevaeh questioned.

"You know very well what, about your last loop." Miss Peregrine said softly.

"We've already talked about it Miss Peregrine, I promise I'm fine. " Just to prove her point Nevaeh gave a small smile.

"There's no need to pretend Nevaeh. I'm here for you, we all are." Mss Peregrine was cut off with the sharp bang of Nevaeh slamming her hand off the desk.

"I don't want to talk about it." she said sourly.

"If that's what you wish Nevaeh but I just want you to know that you are never alone. Never." The iymbrine smiled sympathetically. 
"And about last night, do not fret child, Enoch is a kind boy, you just have to get to know him."

"Okay." sniffed the girl, "can I go and eat now?"

"You may."

After eating her fill Nevaeh exited the kitchen. She only got half way up the stairs, again, before she met Emma, again.

"Oh my, Nevaeh, there you are, we were all so worried about you, oh come on into the parlour and see every one."  Again Emma half dragged her into the parlour.

"Nevaeh" squeeled Claire,  "where have you been, I wanted to play!"

"Yeah, me too, do you know how long I waited outside your door, hoping for an answer."  Exclaimed Hugh as the twins both hugged her legs.

"Sorry everyone, I was just in my room thinking" she replied as she sat down. As she looked around the room Nevaeh noticed Enoch's absence.

Suddenly Miss Peregrine came in and told the younger children that they had to go to bed and soon it was only Horace, Hugh, Fiona, Olive, Emma and Nevaeh left.

"Uh, I dont know about you lot but im going to bed." Said Hugh, giving Horace a nudge.

"Oh, yes me too, I'm absolutely exhausted ." Horace mumbled and followed Hugh out.

Nevaeh couldn't help but smile at the two boy's.

After a few moments of silence Nevaeh spoke up,

"What did the movie mean?"

"Horace says they tell the future." Olive smiled.

"That's fascinating." Nevaeh replied.

"And if you're wondering, Enoch went back into his room at lunch and hasn't came out since, should I go fetch him for you?" Fiona smirked.

"Oh, no. I was just asking."

"So, what happened last night?" Asked Emma "you seemed really upset."

"Nothing, I just didn't feel well, thats all. Besides, I'm still adjusting to living with you weirdos" Nevaeh smiled.

"Are you sure?" asked Emma, moving to sit beside her.

"Yes" said Nevaeh as she looked down at the ground.

"Don't lie!" Squeeled fiona, "its about the movie, about you and Enoch!"

"Fiona's got a point!" Smiled Olive

"That movie was stupid." Frowned Nevaeh, "and I don't want any of you sticking your beaks in.

"I think you should apologize Fiona." Emma said sternly.

However, instead of apologizing, Fiona took this as an opportunity to really stir the pot.
"Nevaeh and Enoch sitting in a tree. K I S S I N G." She sang while laughing.

In retaliation, Nevaeh simply stood up, picked up the door stop, and pelted it at Fiona, missing her by mere centemeters and leaving a rather large dent in the wall behind her. She frowned before storming out the door.

While she made her way up the stairs, she could hear Olive and Emma berating Fiona.

"Stop squealing!"

"Why can't you just zip it for once in your life?"

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