Song: Primadonna

Artist: Marina and the Diamonds

Momma's Boy

You know the feeling of something that is bad but in a way it's good? It always crosses my mind to what it actually means. Now I know what it means as I lay in my bed, staring at the ceiling.

I probably woke up ten minutes ago. Through my window the sky looks grey and dull, another sign that it's a cold miserable day in winter. I want to get up but my alarm hasn't gone off yet. It's a habit when I wake up earlier than my alarm I'll just rest here until it goes off.

I glanced to the side seeing Levi sleeping next to me, his black hair all in my face. He was shirtless and only wearing his sweatpants while I wore his shirt, only his shirt.

Ugh I hate him so much.

My alarm got interrupted with Levi smashing his hand on it. Wasn't he sleeping?

He let out a hoarse groan as he turned to face me. I watched as he took his arm and wrapped it around my torso as he brought me closer to him. I squinted my eyes as he snuggled into my neck and immediately pushed him away.

I forced myself up and looked at my alarm clock. It was 6:30 as I hopped out of bed. Thankfully Levi's shirt ended by my thighs as I walked over to my bedside table and grabbed my glasses. I quickly put them on and tied my hair up into a bun.

I then felt a smack on my butt making me spin around and glare at Levi. He rests leisurely on my bed with his hands behind his neck as he smirked at me.

"Stop it!" I yelled in a whisper as I backed away.

"You never said anything last night when I did it."

I flipped him off as I walked to my closet. I don't know why but I feel guilty. He was always so controlling over me and always got what he wanted. Why did we do that? I'm suppose to hate him but I can't.

Ugh I'm so confused and f*cked up. Why are guys so confusing?

I grabbed a warm and comfy outfit for the day then walked into the bathroom. I shut the door and made sure to lock it then turned on the shower.

Once I was done I quickly put on my clothes and walked out. Levi was still in my bed but he was sitting. He had a wicked look in his eyes as his lips pulled up into a smirk.

I ignored him and spun around to face my mirror. I picked up my hairbrush and started to brush my hair. I could see him through the mirror just sitting there. I continued to brush my hair until I saw it.

I just stared at it. At first I didn't think it was real as I ran my hand on it but it was real and tender. Right there above my collarbone was a hickey.

I could hear Levi snickering as he realized I had noticed it. I spun around and chucked the brush at him.

"Hey watch it!" he exclaimed as he ducked.

"Why?" I hissed as I pulled off my sweater and started rummaging through my closet for the right sweater that will cover this stupid hickey.

"Leaving my mark on the world."

I let out a sigh as I grabbed a plain gray tee and denim jacket. I put them on and observed myself in the mirror. Ugh, it was still showing!

I then took a thick gray scarf and put it on along with my glasses. Okay, it's covered but if this scarf moves then the whole world will see.

I grabbed my backpack not realizing it was open leading something to fall out. Before I could grab it from the floor Levi beat me to it and started to read it.

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