Silvana Salame - 10 Blue: The Dark Island

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On a warm summer vacation, Teresa surprised me with two tickets to the so-called "Dark Island." We heard so many stories about people who went there and never came back, and were so fascinated by its existence that we couldn't turn down such an opportunity.

After a few hours of flying, we arrived at the airport and took a little boat to the island. Within a few hours, we reached our destination. The sun had set and the stars were scattered throughout the sky, but the moon was hidden behind the clouds.

Teresa lit a fire and lay in her sleeping bag admiring the sky while quickly falling asleep. There was something about this place that was so relaxing, and it all felt just like a dream. I couldn't sleep, so I decided to take a walk on the shore.

I noticed that the waves that were enveloping the shore were lit by little blue lights, and soon the whole sea was glowing blue. It was some kind of bacteria in the water that worked like a glow stick, but the surprising thing was that I knew they were leading to some place. Their glow intensified as the full moon peeked out of the clouds, and once the moon was out they shone so brightly that they started bursting into the air. The only light guiding me then was the moonlight; it had led me to a cave.

I looked inside but couldn't see. I slipped and rolled down like a snowball till I reached the bottom. I found myself sitting by a pool of water lit up by the moonlight that shone perfectly through a huge hole above me. This place seemed like a volcano, except it was cold and the water replaced the lava.

It was so beautiful and overwhelming that I couldn't resist the urge to dive into that blue water. I took my shoes off and plunged into it. Once I rose to the top to take a breath the most unusual thing happened.

I felt like the moonlight was pulling me upwards and the water around me started to make a lot of bubbles. They were attracted to the moon and started rising. I felt my body fade in with the water around me till we became uniform and I couldn't see myself anymore; in fact, I couldn't feel myself either. I became water, a part of that place.

I discovered the secret of the Dark Island. The glowing bacteria were the souls of all the people who had transformed into water.

Only it was Teresa's turn to find out the truth.

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