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The land was not always of flame and ash. It used to hold flowers, laughter, and the joy of a life - it was something that Lady Olnora had loved about the Kingdom she was raise in. Her closest friend, Crown Princess Margoe, shared that love.

The Kingdom of Koranye was immaculate in every way possible. The fighters were strong, its rulers were kind, and the people smiled at everyone. There was no hatred in the lands, and the Crown Princess was adamant to keep that peace when she was eventually Queen.

Lady Olnora and Princess Margoe were raised side by side. They were not related by blood, but by bond they were unbreakable. The two women memorised everything about Koranye - the secret tunnels, the hidden alcoves to listen in on political meetings, even the location of the young knights chambers - something the two could giggle over when they were out of range of acute ears. The two were dynamic in their spite, and knew from a young age the dangers of the world, but they always sought kindness to others.

When Olnora and Margoe were but the age of fourteen, their future was sealed. margoe was sent to train under her parents, to learn the rules of Queenship and not of pranks, and Olnora was sent under her mothers wing to become the perfect Lady of Koranye.

Olnora rioted.

The Lady, a beautiful young girl who had a spirit of kindred fire, was determined not to be a prized Lord's ornament. Hers and Margoe's trips to the Knights' hold had sparked an other interest in Olnora - the interest to fight.

She brought the idea to her parents, of becoming a knight like the men of the kingdom, but they refused. It was an unnatural thing, a woman to be a man, but Olnora wasn't going to give up.

Margoe, too, rioted in her own way.

The Crown Princess could deal with learning about the necessities of the Kingdom, but she wanted her friend by her side. The two would confide in each other until the late hours of the morning, where they would be forced to part ways - one lonely Princess and one sorrowful Lady.

When the Koranye King told his only child that she needed to pick a personal guard, Princess Margoe saw her opportunity. The guard had to be someone she trusted, someone who would lay down their life for her and wouldn't be distracted from their duty.

Margoe chose Olnora.

Their parents were furious; telling Margoe that wasn't an option and that Olnora couldn't fight as a woman. Margoe, however, was just as furious as her parents. Both the women were angry. The Princess knew from a young age that Olnora would always be at her side. The Lady of Koranye once took the blame of snooping in the knights' room so Margoe wouldn't suffer. Olnora had even protected Margoe from passing guards by hiding her in alcoves while she took the verbal assault.

No, Margoe wouldn't have picked anyone else to be guarding her. Olnora had been doing it since they met.

Olnora told both of their parents that she would train under the knights for twelve months, and if they weren't satisfied with her results by the end of the winter, then Margoe would pick another guard and she would become a Lady of Koranye.

Margoe, too, promised something similar - if she couldn't accomplish her duties as a Princess rather than a trickster, within the year, she would leave Olnora behind and pursue her father's dreams.

Those twelve months passed slowly.

Margoe was forced into meeting after meeting; listening in on her father's commands and even advising him at some points. It turned out having a trickster-mind came in handy with strategising. She met with the Lords of her future Kingdom, including Olnora's father (who she hated with a passion), and met with her newest servants and temporary guards. Margoe learned of her cooks and maids, endured countless fittings and courtings of neighbouring Princes, but Margoe held on strong.

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