1. Idiot Twin Brother

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  DON'T GET ME wrong, being alive is pretty great, but people made living the most annoying thing ever. For example, Leia. Stupid name, right? Well, Leia is one of those people who makes being alive suck. It was enough that me and Cesz had to endure being milked for money by our father. But then this stupid girl comes in and ruins everything by making people look at us weird.

  Before I continued to rant like a puissant starving animal, let me explain who Cesz is. Cesz is my twin brother. We were born at the exact same time, and were originally the exact same height up until 10. Then Cesz had a growth spurt. We've been together since we got out of the womb and had never been separated. We were very very much alike, frighteningly alike. But we never wore the same things like stereotypical twins wore. The only things we had matching were the earrings our mother left us when we were babies after she so called abandoned us. She left us a set of presents each. Earrings. Then I got an ankle bracelet, while Cesz got this really cool watch. Which wasn't fair.

  Now, onwards to my rageful rant. Leia got it into everyone's heads that me and Cesz were not twins. We looked exactly alike. How everyone believed her was beyond my mortal imagination. Her reasons had been that we didn't wear the same clothes, we didn't speak at the same time, our personalities were like sun and moon, and we never finished each other's sentences. I thought all of this was bullshwizzle. Because it always felt like 50% of my brain was my brother's.

  Cesz was currently sketching in his Calculus journal. Mumbling to himself some lyrics. Me and Cesz liked to sing. And our dad liked it when we sang. Because it brought him money. I'll explain the concept later. Leia was eyeing Cesz up and down, giggling as she twirled a strand of her straight red hair around her finger. I figured Leia picked on me the most because she wanted me out of the picture.

  Cesz was very attractive. In a general perspective might I say, I don't see him as interesting...

  Leia had a crush on him. Like a lot of the girls at our private school. Cesz radiated a very strong gravitational pull. To girls and boys alike. While nobody liked me. I was a bit envious of my brother. But I had learned to keep myself in touch.

  I repelled everyone other than my brother.

  And people like Leia never let me forget it.

  I drew on the desk absentmindedly, massaging my temple with the free hand while the teacher lectured the class about never paying attention.


  I hummed in annoyance.


  I shifted in my seat to face away.

  "PSSSSSST!"Then Cesz chunked a paper ball at me.

  I turned back at him madly, but cooled off when he began to rapidly gesture to the ball on my desk. It was a perfect sphere. Cesz didn't even have to try to be perfect. He was always perfect. He is perfect...

  I grabbed the paper ball and uncrumpled it. I tilted my head at the note. It took me a while to read his handwriting, he wrote neater than a college professor. While my cursive writing was that of a kindergartner.

  Dear Pai,

  Lynch said we need to talk to him during gym. He said it was urgent. Dunno.




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