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Thanks so much for reading The Numbered.  

If you feel like reading another story of mine, may I please present to you Splinter. My 1990s-inspired Paranormal story.


Here's the blurb...

October, 1992. After the death of her father, Becca moves from the musical epicentre of Manchester to a sleepy, rural Norfolk village to live with her conservative uncle, the Reverend Stokes- a man obsessed with scripture, food waste and the demonization of dance music. Despite his warnings still ringing in her ears, Becca sneaks out to her first rave and what starts off as an innocent night out turns into a living nightmare. A low-level demon sees Becca for what she truly is and intends to use her unique, fragile soul to help him climb the ranks of the underworld. This is a story of a girl doing battle with a demon, as everything she thought she knew about herself, her family and life in general comes crashing down around her.

Can Becca save enough of her soul, before the darkness consumes it entirely?

Many thanks to @RachelWatson4 for designing my cover art. Love it!

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