Chapter 10

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Kuro Honda. He was a very simple guy, but there seemed something a about him, to you.

When you and Al finally went home, everyone followed. A party was going to be held, but the only thing that happened was Al breaking his arm. Though, you guessed it was better than planning a funeral. As everything was being set up, Matthew and Al were out back barbecuing. Al was a vegetarian, so you didn't know what he could have possibly been making. The air filled with the smell of hot dogs and hamburgers, of course, for the non-veggan guests. Which was everyone else. It was nice not having to live in a lonely apartment anymore. You and Al finally had a house of your own, one that was big enough to start your own family. You had a large front yard and an even bigger backyard. You always loved being surrounded by nature, so it was fortunate that there were a number of trees in the backyard along with many flowers. When people say that you don't marry your high school sweetheart, you were one of those people who proved them wrong. You were also the first of your friends to marry, so you had that proud thought on your shoulders.

You and Julchen were in the kitchen making salad, while Alice and Oliver helped set up decorations inside and outside. Everyone was busy except for Kuro and Havarie. The two were going their own thing, Kuro sat on the couch and Havarie played his toy soldiers on the living room floor. You walked over to Kuro with a smile.

"Uhm, excuse me, Kuro? Alice and Oliver might need help setting things up outside, if you wouldn't mind helping?"

You tried to sound as gentle as possible, since he looked as if he didn't want to be bothered.

Kuro looked out to the outside world, seeing Alice and Oliver hanging streamers on trees and branches. He stood up, nodded at you with a slight smile, and headed out. As he walked away, you noticed a sword on his belt. 'Has that always been there?' you asked yourself. You thought it dangerous to be carrying around such a weapon. You even made Al get rid of his nail-embedded bat because you thought Havarie would find it and try to play with it. Or, once you had your own baby, they might find it and hurt themselves.

You saw Matthieu walk in with the tray of meat and Al close behind him. Al looked at Kuro suspiciously as they passed each other in different directions, also noticing the weapon he was carrying. Al then walked over to you an whispered.

"Can I ask what the hell he's doing with that here?"

You shrugged, not knowing yourself as you answered back.

"I don't know! I just noticed it not too long ago."

He made a bit of a sideways face before running up behind Havarie and picking him up with his only free arm. You looked over at them both, smiling at how much the two looked alike.

From outside, you heard a blood curdling scream. You quickly ran over to see that Arthur was on his back, Kuro standing above him as he pinned him to the ground with his feet. His sword was pointed at Arthur's neck and his glare felt deadly, even from where you were standing. Alice stood back, watching and trying to talk to Kuro out of it.

"Kuro! He's sorry! He didn't mean to! Leave him alone!", she pleaded.

You rushed over to Alice. "What happened, Alice?", you asked her.

Arthur yelled over in response, trying not to cut himself from talking as the blade was pressed firmly on his throat.

"I called him by his brother's name by accident! I didn't mean to, it just slipped", he squealed.

Kuro pressed the blade down more, forcing it into Arthur's throat as blood slightly spilled out. You marched over to Kuro looked him dead in the eye. He glared back at you, warning you to move out of his way. You weren't scared of him, not even a little bit.

"Listen up and listen good, Kuro. If you're going to act like an complete ass in MY home, you can pick your shit up and leave. We have a kid here. You're lucky he didn't see this, otherwise, you would be in more trouble than you are now", you explained.

"You do not know me. I could easily slit your throat right now", he said harshly and in a cold voice.

"And I don't think I want to. I want you out of my house. Now. Before I get real mad", you spoke between your teeth.

Kuro didn't move an inch.

"So that's how you're gonna be? Fine". You looked over at Al with angry eyes. "Sweetie, go get your bat. Maybe if I knock some sense into this fuck-face's head, he'll learn to never threaten me".

Al rushed into the house, grabbed his bat, tried his best to hide it from Havarie, and ran back to you. He handed you the nailed weapon and then ran back over to Matthew's side.

"Do you think she'll actually hit him?" Al whispered.

"Al....that's your wife. You've seen her at her worst and her best. Remember what happened to 'Florida'?" he said putting air quotes.

It sent shivers down Al's spine as he looked off with a sweat drop.

"Don't remeind me. I couldn't even get out of bed for a good week, she just...kept going. I don't know another women who could ride me that long and that hard all in one night'.

Meanwhile, you and Kuro were staring each other down. After awhile, a smirk seeped across his face.

"If you are protecting someone you care about, do not become so caught up with what the attacker is saying. He could easily kill his pray and the protector would not even notice it".

"What the hell are you talking about?" you demanded.

Kuro took a few steps back to walk away.

"Ask your friend", he said.

When you turned around, you saw Arthur with a sword sticking out of his throat and blood all over the grass. Kuro had just killed one of your good friends, and you didn't even hear a thing.

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