Chapter 9

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You wrote in a notebook everything that had happened in the past few months. First, you had your heart broken by Luciano Vargas. Second, you met Al. Third, you had sex with Al. After that, you just started to summarize everything. Al and Alice were dating. Alice was cheating on Al with Luciano. Luciano and Alice are together. Julchen was pregnant with Al's baby. Al and Julchen aren't dating, but you and Al were. As for everyone else, they went on with their daily lives.

You heard a soft knock on your apartment door and you turned around to look at it, setting the papers down before walking over and peeking through the peek-hole. You smiled at who it was, happily opening up and greeting Julchen and her baby boy, Havarie. You could understand why she named her baby 'mistake' in German. You picked Havarie up carefully, smiling at the blue-eyed, brown-haired toddler. He had Al's hair and Julchen's eyes. He looked more like his mother in the face, but as personality goes, he sure as hell resembled his dad.

Alice was able to knock some sense into Al's head, telling him that he needed to man-up and be a good father to his kid. That night she went to his and Oliver's apartment, she beat him up pretty good. When you saw him at school the next day, he wore his shades all day. He didn't take them off even once. He had a puffy cheek, a busted lip, and 2 black eyes. You applauded Alice for doing what you wanted to do that very night.

You found it hard to believe that an entire year and a half had gone by so quickly. It just seemed like yesterday that you were walking around with no ambition. With no motivation to do anything. You didn't have a family to come home to back then, but, back then, you weren't the person you are now.

Julchen has always been like a sister to you, and you didn't mind one bit adding Alice into the mix. Al and Julchen broke up, but he still took care of Havarie when he was given the chance. Al was an outstanding father. He did more than Julchen could, seeing that she was busy with work. She had to drop out of school and was unable to finish off her Junior year. She worked at a diner downtown for 8 hours a day, leaving the baby boy with Al, who had graduated early for keeping up with his studies, which you had to force him to do.

Al taught Havarie how to walk, talk, and say please and thank you. You had to admit that he was an amazing daddy.

What happened to everyone else, you ask?

Well, as for Oliver, who graduated with Al, he moved back to London. He missed his birth place and decided that it was time for him to go back. He still comes back to visit sometimes, but he has his own cupcake business now.

Luciano went missing after confessing to Alice that he lied to her about getting Julchen pregnant. Nobody saw him after the night of graduation. Not many people were worried except his brother Flavio, who was unable to leave Italy for working reasons.

Alice...well, about Alice...she ran off with someone else. The man was apparently Kuro, the Japanese guy that Oliver mentioned awhile back. Him and Alice ran away together and are currently living just outside of Hiroshima, Japan. But, that's the last you've heard from her.

Everyone seemed to be happy now, even Matthieu. He had finally found a new love interest, even if it was another man. You didn't judge. Ironically, his name was Matthew as well.

So I guess you're wondering where things stand with you and Al? Well, let's just say that you couldn't live life without him.


You were asked by Al to meet him at the beach. You weren't that big of a fan of the sand and water, but you happily agreed. Once you made it to the area, you noticed objects on the ground; flowers. Not just any flowers. Bird's Paradise. Those were your favorite flowers in the world, and Al knew that very well.

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