Chapter 8

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"How the hell could you do this to me, Al!? I knew you were nothing more than a ladies man. I can't believe I was idiotic enough to even fall for you! Hell, I can't believe I let you fuck me! God, I'm so disappointed right now. You know what? You're nothing but a low-lifed piece of shit who only knows how to get into girls' pants. You're a shame to humanity and I hate you!", you screamed at the top of your lungs.

You were at Al's house, wanting to know what the hell Julchen was talking about.

"Fuck you", he said calmly.

You grit your teeth and clenched your hands into fists.

"You already did that, remember? I thought I would be different than all those other girls you left. You fuck and duck, huh? You're there for a night, tell them you love them, then leave the next morning. You're sick!", you exclaimed as tears streamed down your cheeks.

"I never told you that I loved you! Did I even once say '______, I love you'? No. I didn't! So before you go off assuming shit, how about you get your fucking facts straight! Did you even ask for my side of the story!? No! you immediately took Julchen's side", he spat out.

"She's my best friend! Why wouldn't I believe her!? You know what? Fine. Tell me your side of the story. I'm already pissed off at you as it is", you added.

Al turned around quickly to face you, starting to yell.

"It happened before I even knew you! She was a girl I left out to dry! It was during the time Alice and I weren't even under the same sheets anymore! Julchen came up to me first and told me she was pregnant, but I wasn't ready, okay!? I wasn't ready to be a dad! I'm technically a Senior in high school, but I got held back because I was suspended at the end of the year! When Jul's told me she was pregnant, you know what I did? I. Ran. I wasn't ready to make a huge commitment like that, _________. She was too scared of the thought of having a kid that she kept it a secret until now! She's been pregnant for almost a month, but she didn't let it slip because she's just that kind of person who wants to make everyone happy!"

Al was furious. Tears formed in his eyes as he glared at you. He was hurt, in pain.

"A real man would face his mistakes instead of trying to run away from them. You make me sick and I don't want you anywhere near me."

You stormed to the front door of his apartment, slamming it behind you and walking down the steps furiously. On your way down, you passed by Luciano. You didn't say anything to him since you were pissed off enough, but he grabbed you by the arm to stop you.

"Hey, _________. Is Al in there? I need to talk to him", he said in a thick Italian accent.

He looked at you with his dark purple eyes, almost emotionless but still having a glint of what looked like sadness and nerves. You forced your arm out of his grip, not wanting to be touched. You continued down the steps, about to turn the corner until he said something that caught you off guard.

"Julchen's gone", he said.

You stopped in your tracks, now worried for your friend.

"Where is she!?" You demanded to know.

"I don't know! She's not at home and she refuses to answer her cell phone. I've been trying to call her almost all day, but I can't seem to find her at all", worry streamed through his voice.

You stayed silent, looking around with only your eyes. You saw a blur of pink walking by, noticing that it was Alice. You ran down the rest of the steps and tried to catch her before she turned the corner to another street.

"Alice!" You yelled at her in helplessness.

She stopped in her footsteps, smiling at you.

"Ello, ________! Nice to see you again, yes?" she smiled happily, able to notice her heavy British accent.

"Hey, I'm looking for my friend. She's run off and it's really dangerous for her. It's bad that she's by herself. Her name is Julchen Beilshmidt. Do you know her?", you explained and asked.

"Oh! Is she your friend too? She's back at my house right now. She came to me sick, so I'm taking care of her. She told me she just had a bad cold, but I think it's something worse than that. She's been throwing up all day", she said, worried for the girl.

"Alice. Has Al told you yet? Because if not, I'll tell you myself...", you said, placing a hand on her shoulder in sympathy.

"Tell me what~?" She asked curiously.

"Alice...Al got Julchen pregnant. It's his baby, too. Luciano was payed by her to lie to everyone that he was the one who got her that way. So, she's not sick. I'm sorry you had to find out this way", you added.

Alice's eye twitched as she stayed silent.

"_______. My house is just down that street there. You'll find Julchen there. I'm going to some errands...".

She looked up at the apartment, Al's apartment. She stormed up the steps in anger. You really wanted to see Al get his ass handed to him by a girl in all pink, but you had to go get Julchen. You ran off, heading down the nest block and looking around for Alice's house. She didn't tell you what it looked like, but you could figure out that it was the one in the middle with pink and light blue stripes. You sprinted to the home and pounded on the door first, yelling out you best friend's name.

"Jul! Jul, are you in there?! Julchen!?" you yelled at the top of your lungs.

There was no answer. You took a few steps back, running forward and busting the door down with the right side of your body.

You made an exhaustive search around the house, running up and down the stairs only to find Julchen laying on the couch. She was sweating and had a flushed face. You let out a sigh of relief, thanking God that your friend was safe and sound.

You sat by her side for a few hours, making sure she stayed comfortable. You heard someone coming, stepping over the rubble of the broken down door. You looked over to se who it was, but nobody was there.

You looked back over at Julchen, who was still sleeping. The house was silent, though you did feel bad for knocking down the door.

"May I ask vhy mein sister is here?" a soft voice asked.

It startled you a bit, since you didn't hear anyone walk in. You saw a tall man standing over you. His blonde hair was slicked back smoothly, but covered with a brown army hat. He didn't wear anything more than a plain, white tank top, brown army pants, and black boots. He had a jacket around his shoulders, but there his wardrobe was fairly simple. You knew this man. It was Julchen's older brother, Lutz.

"Damn it, Lutz. Don't scare me like that. It's not cool", you said as you face palmed. He picked Julchen up in his arms, carrying her bridal style, before starting to walk out without a word.

"Vy am taking her back home. Danke for vatching over her, ___________", he said as he walked over the rubble and headed out.

You sighed heavily and flopped on your back on the couch. You were tired and it was only 12:00 that afternoon.

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