Chapter 6

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You woke up the next morning in an unfamiliar bed. You looked around to find a messy room that looked as if a tornado had come through more than once. Things were broken, shattered, and just out of place. Leftover pizza was lingering in the corner of the room, half eaten. Clothes were lying on the floor as well, wrinkled and dirty. As you swung your feet to the edge of the bed, you found a white dress underneath your feet. You picked it up and observed it for a minute, realizing that it was yours. How did your dress come off? You don't remember taking it off yourself. You looked down and noticed you were only wearing your bra. You blushed slightly, not remembering anything at that particular moment. You made an exhaustive search for your underwear, which were on the other side of the bed. You got up and picked them off the ground, hearing the russel of sheets behind you as you bent over to retrieve your undergarments.

"That's a pretty nice view to see in the morning", a gruff voice said behind you.

You recognized that tone anywhere. You hoped it wasn't who you thought it was when you stood up straight and turned around.

"'Morning babe. Sleep well?", he asked with a smirk.

'Damn it' you thought. You didn't want to remember, but, oh look, memories!

They all smacked you in the face like when you get feels from a really good anime. You remembered the touching, and the kissing, and the...fucking. Al, again, looked your body up and down, your back still towards him. You sighed, hanging your head and resting a hand on your bare hip. Al reached over and grabbed you by your waist. You yelped a bit as he pulled you down on to his uncovered lap, sliding two fingers into you without warning and kissing your neck gently, making you arch your back slightly. You tried your best to hold back your moans, but you let a few escape.

"A-Al~," you moaned softly.

You found a way to get out of his grip, tumbling off the bed and to the ground in a ninja roll.

"What's the matter, doll face? You not a morning person?", he asked with a sly smirk and chuckle.

"It's not that, you idiot! It's too damn early in the morning to be doing any of that!", you whispered loudly.

You heard the bedroom door open, squeaking a bit as a messy-haired blinded walked in with drowsy eyes. He wore a pair of brown pajama pants with a long sleeved pink pajama shirt. The shirt had a design of a maroon vest and a light blue bow tie on the front. You wanted to know why he has pajamas that ooh exactly like his daytime clothing. Oliver had walked in, rubbing an eye from sleepiness.

"You two make way too much noise in the morning", he said in a tired tone.

He looked up at you, staring with a blank expression. You remembered you hadn't put any of your clothes on and went red in the face. He simply looked you up and down before looking over at Al the same way.

"Oh, Lord. So that's why I couldn't get any sleep last night? You two were going at it.", he said casually.

Al got up and put on some what seemed to be clean boxers.

"Yeah, we did go at it. Good thing you didn't walk in and tell us to be quiet. I wouldn't want to share her with you", Al explained as he walked over to you and kissed your cheek lightly.

He walked out of the room only wearing boxers, passing Oliver on his way out. Oliver moved out of the way, looking at Al and responding back.

"Awwh! But sharing is caring, Alfie~", the red-head whined as he followed the other to the kitchen.

"Yeah, well, nobody said I cared!", Al replied back in an annoyed tone.

You were left there in complete confusion. 'What the hell is up with these people?' you thought aloud. Al peeked from around the corner at you.

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