Chapter 10

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I sigh deeply as i wait for Lyon with Natsu in the library . I have a feeling that something bad is gonna happen . For some reason . I also have been seeing weird signs in Lyon like for example at soccer practice when he got hit by the ball in the head , a guy started to pick a fight with him and his eyes flashed a yellow greenish color.

Weird huh . "Hello earth to Juvia your boyfriend's here . " Natsu says in an annoyed tone . I roll my eyes seriously could he not . "Natsu you're my boyfriend not him." I spit angrily at him . He just scoffs . "Sure . I suppose that meeting in secret is just friendly right ?" he looks at me crossing his arms . "Oh what the hell is that supposed to mean ,eh?!?!" I suddenly scream at him as Lyon stands there awkwardly .

"Umm guys leave the quarrels for later." Lyon says rolling his eyes . Oh he just asked for it . "YOU SHUT UP!!!" Me and Natsu say in unision . Suddenly we look at eachother . Lyon throws his hands up in defense . Suddenly I'm pinned into the bookshelves of one of the isolated sections of the library . "I'm gonna take you home and i'm gonna do the unthinkible to you Juvia Nicole Lockser ." Natsu says in an intimidating tone .

"Who's stopping you from it ?" i whisper to him with a brave face . "Or i could just do it here but you have to be quiet and not scream . " Suddenly he kisses me lifting my legs up and wrapping them around his waist me wrapping my arms around his neck . I tangle my fingers into his hair and lightly tug on it as we kiss . Suddenly he pulls away and starts kissing my neck hungrily . I gasp at the sudden rush of pleasure he gives me .

He vamp speeds me into another shelf knocking some books off and onto the floor but no one would hear us because the librarian is out in the office and no one was here but Lyon but i guess he left . I start to unbutton his shirt as he does with me and he carries me and lays me down on one of the table desks removing everything with his free arm as it falls onto the floor . I continue to unbutton his shirt as he kisses me again . I start to take his shirt off until we hear someone .

"WHAT THE HELL IS  GOING ON IN HERE?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?" The librarian screams at both of us . Me and Natsu suddenly jump . I sit up buttoning my blouse and Natsu runs over to pick up his shirt and put it back on . "Principle's office ! Now!" she points at the door screaming at us . Uh oh . There goes my college chance .

In the office when the priciple finds out :

"This is unexceptable! What were you both  thinking?!?!? First off you leave a mess in the library and then you're found half naked on one of the desks ?!?! What was going through your hormone raged heads?!?!! " The principle yells at us . "Mr.Scorus please...we weren't thinking straight . Please don'tt punish us we'll make sure to never let this happen again . " I say begging him .

"Please we just got a little bit carried away it will never happen . " I say gritting my teeth glaring at Natsu . This was his fault if he never came i would've gotten to talk normally with Lyon . No i do not have feelings for him but he is my friend . He needs to understand that . The principle looks at the both of us and sighs deeply rubbing his temples .

"I'm gonna let you both off the hook for just this once but only this once! Understood?!" He asks us . We both nod our heads gulping . "Now, get out! I don't wanna hear anymore complains about you two understand ?!?" he asks us well more like screams at us . "Y-yes Mr.Scorus . " I stutter out and run out of the office . Natsu soon follows after me but I stop him .

"This is all your fault Dragneel." I tell him already anrgy . He shakes his head and sighs . "Via I'm sorry . " I cut him off. "Don't . You firstly don't like my friends or at least the people I try and socialize with . Secondly you stalk me and get into my personal business. Then you take advantage of the moment and try and get all steamy on me and we end up getting in trouble . Natsu...when a couple fights it means we have to stay mad at eachother . Not get sexual . Especially in a public school library . " I sigh deeply .

He chuckles and pats my head . "You're such a goody two shoes Via. I swear you need to let loose for a while and be free . Live life . YOLO!" He says and laughs . I glare at him . "I'm not some reckless idiot like you . " I tell him . "Oh you wanna see reckless . Okay then . " He grabs one of the students passingg by the empty hallway and bites them leaving a mess of blood everywhere . "Natsu stop it you're killing him!" i yell at him and pull him away .

"You had a very bad fall and a dog bit you out of nowhere go back to class and forget this ever happened . " He compels the student and they leave . He glares at me when he faces me . "Don't ever test my ways of being you have no idea who i am yet . We may be mates but guess what sweetheart news flash for you I'm boss in this relationship and I'm the one who is always protecting you . Every thing i have ever done was for you . So don't ever talk to me like that or sass me with that tone you understand me ?!" he pins me into one of the walls and points a finger at me accusingly .

I nod my head yes looking down to hide the tears in my eyes . "Good . Now let's go . There's somewhere we have to be . And it certainly isn't in this shit hole that they call 'school'. " he says annoyed . I just follow him . I swear Natsu is a great guy but his temper is what makes him a monster sometimes...and i have a feeling this is gonna be a long car ride .

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