Winners of Best Humor (JC)

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How to Fake a Love Story by angelicdevil09

How to Fake a Love Story by angelicdevil09

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his was one book I enjoyed reading. It was light and fun and I didn't need to think too much or too deep to understand it. It was a book that lifted my spirits when I felt down as I enjoyed the humiliation of the characters (mostly of Ryan). Really great story and one I wouldn't mind rereading.


Bad Boy Bakers by TahliePurvis


ad boys with great sense of humour. What more could one ask for? I like that all the boys have their own traits and distinctive personalities that stop them from resembling each other too much.


The Summer of Striped Trees by cleverwren

This book was a bit more word heavy or had more substance than the previous ones. I love the way this is written and the writing style will rock in any genre. Personally, I prefer very light hearted humor but I did enjoy reading this book because of the unique narrative voice.

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